Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner

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Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner

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Professional liquid brush cleanser that gently cleanses and conditions natural and synthetic brushes.
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Parian Spirit is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, giving it powerful cleaning properties that cut through oil-based makeup and adhesives but remains gentle to natural and synthetic hair bristles. Dip, spray or wipe your brushes with Parian Spirit and just watch the makeup and residue come off. Also good for cleaning makeup off clothes, wigs, false eyelashes and false facial hair. Cleans latex and acrylic as well.

After removing the oils from your makeup brush bristles, Parian Spirit reconditions and returns them to their natural sheen and luster, leaving a slight pleasant citrus aroma.

After extensive antibacterial lab tests, it was found that Parian Spirit had the strongest disinfecting properties among all of the leading makeup brush cleaners. It takes approximately 1 minute of exposure to disinfect a brush. Sprays are effective in surface cleaning and disinfecting. That is why we recommend deep cleaning your brushes at the end of the day with a Parian Spirit canister.

The time it takes for a brush to completely dry will vary from the type of brush, the bristles, the thickness of the brush and the temperature and humidity of the room. In general Parian Spirit is a moderately fast-drying cleaner. To speed up the drying time and reduce oiliness use an absorbent material such as terry cloth or paper towel to blot and soak up all the moisture.The more you blot the faster the brush will dry. Quickly roll the brush handle between your palms to help circulate air through the brush and to bring up any residue remaining in the brush. Reshape the bristles of the brush and lay it flat or at a downward angle to dry.

2 oz SPRAY
The spray bottle is designed for quick cleaning of large powder brushes when drying time is limited. Give the brush a fine mist spray, but do not soak it. Use a terry cloth or paper towel for drying. The sprayer is also great for cleaning counter tops, makeup cases, etc.

This small tub is designed to fit into most makeup carrying cases and makes cleaning brushes easy. A porous rubbing screen on a riser allows makeup and debris to fall to the bottom of the canister, away from the brush. Cleaning your canister is easy. All of the parts come out and can be wiped clean with a paper towel or rag ready to be filled and used again. Fill tub only enough to cover 1/4 way up the bristles of your brush. For larger brushes use the lid with a small amount of cleaner and let the capillary action draw the cleaner up into the brush.

Cleaning makeup and adhesives from fronted wigs and false facial hair is a breeze with Parian Spirit. Place a terry cloth or paper towel under the item and spray Parian Spirit directly on the lace of the hair piece. Using a short hard bristled brush (toothbrush) gently rub off residue, blot to dry and finish cleaning. In case of hardened adhesives and/or built up makeup, soak in Parian Spirit and repeat brushing technique.

Parian Spirit cleans the glue and mascara from false eyelashes. Spray on or dip for about 2 minutes. Place on paper towel and fold over pressing lightly. Pull back fold and glue and makeup should stick to towel away from lash!

• Make sure all containers are tightly sealed when not in use to reduce evaporation. Evaporation may cause oiliness. To reduce oiliness, blot dry brushes completely with absorbent cloth/paper or dip into alcohol momentarily.

• Disinfecting is achieved with a 1 to 5 minute exposure to Parian Spirit this will kill most bacteria on the brush.

• Some brushes may be held together with glue. Over continued use, Parian Spirit may affect that glue, so be aware of how your brush is made and in general do not emerse your brush more than 1/4 way past the bristles.

• This product includes organic components. Store in cool dry place and only purchase enough to last through a six month period. If you shake the bottle and it becomes cloudy it is past its “peak performance” and will take slightly longer to dry and may be oilier. Time to buy a new bottle for professional use, but don’t throw it away it’s still a great cleaner if drying time is not an issue.


Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Nice Product
Overall,this was a nice product but I wouldn't buy again. It cleans the brushes like it says but it has an greasy feel to it. Another thing is the overpowering smell.
Review by Jaasiel / (Posted on 6/3/2018)
Love this brush cleaner! It removes the waxy products other cleaners seem to miss.
Review by Stephanie Romero / (Posted on 7/19/2017)
Love it
Great brush cleaner! It removes everything very quickly, so it's wonderful to keep on hand between people on a busy day. Smells fantastic!
Review by Katie / (Posted on 3/12/2017)
Best brush cleaner
This is the absolute best brush cleaner I have ever used.
Review by Stephanie / (Posted on 2/5/2016)
My favorite brush cleaner for quick cleaning
I do high volume wedding parties and love this spot cleaner to sanitize my brushes and keep my flow moving during busy days. As you would expect from a solvent, it is very potent and a small amount is recommended to prevent oily build up especially on synthetic brushes. Doesn't stain and doesn't melt fibers.
Review by eden / (Posted on 11/4/2015)
The best brush cleaner!!!
I love this stuff! It gets ALL the funk and gook out of my brushes quickly. It dries quickly also. Do not EVER leave ur brushes immersed in this solution. It will eat ur brushes up! In regards to smell, I'm not a big fan of smells BUT I can deal with this smell because of the orange scent but it is STRONG. I usually open a window so it can air out.
Review by Asia / (Posted on 10/11/2015)
Best brush cleaner ever!
You won't be disappointed ! Smells amazing!
Review by Lynda / (Posted on 8/5/2015)
Pretty Good Cleaner
I like this brush cleaner, and I just ran out of it, but I probably won't be stocking up on it again! The only thing I really don't like is the smell, it's very strong and smells like orange, but cleans excellent!
Review by Allie Messineo / (Posted on 6/3/2015)
Best Cleaner out there!
If i can have just one Cleaner, this is the one. This Cleaner does the job.removes everything and smells so good. two thumbs up!
Review by Victor / (Posted on 2/23/2015)
4 and half stars on yelp Sucuri Site Scan 4 and half stars on facebook
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