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Trying New Makeup Trends on a Budget

Trying New Makeup Trends on a Budget

Keeping up with evolving makeup trends can be expensive! Thankfully, it doesn't have to be. You can have fun experimenting with new looks and still keep your budget with these easy tips: 

Find a Beauty Buddy
You know that friend that's always posting about her favorite new beauty finds? You need to call her! It's likely that she already has the product you're thinking about buying. Why not see if she'll let you test it out first? You can return the favor, too. It's a win-win!

Try a Makeup Counter
If you don't have a beauty buddy, a makeup counter is your new best friend. There, a trained consultant will help you try out a trend before you commit to the products. Another great way to try before you buy!

Try Different Brands
When you finally find your favorite makeup brand, it can be hard to try something else. Will the quality be as good? Is it going to wear well? All fair questions. But when you're on a budget, you need to branch out. Besides, cheap prices don't always mean cheap quality! 
NYX cosmetics are a great example. They are one of our favorite brands - and they don't cost an arm and a leg! They're great about keeping up with current trends, too, so you can try the latest look without breaking the bank.

Mix It Up 
If there's a new shade you're dying to try but you can't afford it, try mixing your own! You might not be able to create the exact shade, but you could make something even better that's tailor-made for and by you.  Just layer on a few shades that you already own, whether it's lipstick or eye shadow. It will create a whole new look with unique tones.

Fix It Up 
Does your heart shatter when your compact does? We've all been there. The compact slips out of your hand and –Smack! - cracks and pieces everywhere. Don't be too quick to toss it though! You can easily fix this. Just add a little rubbing alcohol, mix it up and smooth it out and voila! It will dry back to perfection. This one's an easy money saver. 

You can really save some money here. Instead of buying separate products for everything, look for ones that can play double duty. That brown eyeliner you love? It's now a brow pencil. Your favorite contour palette? Perfect for your everyday natural eye. You don't have to choose between your eyeliner and your electricity anymore. Try these helpful tips and stay on trend - and on budget!

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