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Tips To Mastering A Doe-Eyed, Natural Makeup Look

Tips To Mastering A Doe-Eyed, Natural Makeup Look

The art of applying eye makeup that looks so natural one can't tell that it's being worn takes some practice. We all want to achieve that perfect, natural look to make our eyes pop or appear doe-like. And whether your eyes are big or small, with the right techniques and products you can create a look straight out of Bambi.

Why Doe Eyes?

The eyes are the single most feature people notice on the face first, but some peepers stand out more than others. Some women have eyes that are smaller, or a less bright hue. If this is you, doe eyes can make eyes look both larger and brighter. 

But there's a trick here. The goal is not to simply pile on eyeshadow and mascara until others have no choice but to look at your eyes. Quite the opposite. You want to give the impression makeup isn’t being worn at all. A successfully applied doe eye gives others the feeling that your big, bright eyes were a gift from God and not something you had to put any effort in to achieve. If this sounds confusing, rest assured, perfecting the doe eye is not.

Eyeshadows and Primer

While there are a lot of fun, flashy eyeshadow colors out there, they have no place on your eyes if you are trying to achieve a natural look. Apply a primer to your entire lid, followed by a white or peach-hued shadow. Light eyeshadows create an allusion that your eyes are bigger than they really are. Make sure you use one with some sheen to bring a little sparkle to your eyes as well. 

Next use a small brush to apply a darker shade (maybe 1-2 shades darker than your base) in the crease of your eyelids. Depending on the shape of your eyes and their proximity to one another, you will want to apply the darker shade to the outer or inner crease only.


When it comes to eye liner, you want it to work for you not against what you’re trying to accomplish. Use a peach-hued liner on your lower lash line and save the black or dark brown eyeliner for your upper lash line. Line only the outer two-thirds of your upper lash line with a sweeping, outward motion. Whether you choose a liquid eyeliner or a pencil, we will leave that up to you.


Mascara is key to creating doe eyes! So much so that not using it or applying it incorrectly will take your look from Twiggy to Elvira in just a few seconds. If you don’t feel your lashes are up to the challenge, you might want to consider using false eyelashes. Our favorites are Flutter fake lashes. These natural looking falsies come in a variety of thicknesses to satisfy any look.

The doe eyed look is one that requires a little bit of practice, and usually some refining, before the perfect look is found. But once it is, you can rest assured it will make your eyes your greatest feature.

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