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Tips on Not Getting Overwhelmed by Your Eyeshadow Palette

Tips on Not Getting Overwhelmed by Your Eyeshadow Palette

If you're a makeup newbie who's just now diving in to the world of eyeshadow palettes, you might feel a little overwhelmed. After all, the amount of colors and hues that you get in many palettes can seem like a bit much. Sure, the beauty gurus and industry pros on YouTube might make it seem easy, but it might not feel that way when you first get your palette in your hands.

Although a palette can seem overwhelming, it doesn't have to be if you know the right tips and tricks. Here's some advice on how you can keep from getting overwhelmed by your eyeshadow palette.

Start Simple
If you're purchasing your first eyeshadow palette, don't go for the one with the crazy neon colors. Instead, pick something in a nude variety that features a lot of taupes, bones and browns. This will allow you to do both neutral daytime looks and darker, smokier looks for evening wear.

Understand Basic Color Theory
When you're doing an eye makeup look, it's best to start with light colors and then work to darks. For most eye makeup looks, you'll keep it lighter on the inner corners of your eyes and gradually darken the colors as you move outward. You'll want to use the lightest shade, typically a bone, vanilla or white, on your brow bone to highlight and accentuate that area. If you have a deep eye socket, accentuate it by blending in a taupe color in a windshield wiper motion.

color theory01

Familiarize Yourself With the Colors
It's a good idea to "swatch" the colors when you first get your eyeshadow palette. Swatching is when you apply small swatches of each color in a row on your forearm. Many eyeshadows look a bit darker or lighter on your skin than they do in the pan. Swatching will help you to get a sense of this and also to get an idea of how the colors work with each other.

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Practice Makes Perfect
When it comes to just about anything having to do with makeup, practice always makes perfect. When you have some free time, play around with your new palette. Test out different looks and experiment with all the colors and shades. Just about any makeup professional has spent hours upon hours just fooling around on themselves. If you happen to nail a look, don't be afraid to share it on Instagram or Snapchat. (Just remember to tag us!)

If you're looking for a good starter palette, we recommend just about any Viseart palette. These palettes have a buttery finish and the colors are highly pigmented and easy to blend.

Remember, even the best beauty gurus were makeup newbies at one point. Don't be intimidated by makeup. Instead, play around and enjoy your products. After all, makeup is supposed to be fun! If you're ready to finally purchase your first eyeshadow palette, consider joining Frends Beauty. You'll save 10% on your first purchase.

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