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Tips For Wearing Makeup in Bright Colors

Tips For Wearing Makeup in Bright Colors

With summer here, we think it's time to bid adieu to neutral palettes and earth tones, at least for the next few months. Summer calls for bright, neon and vibrant colors. While this trend is undeniably chic and warm weather-approved, it can be overdone. To ensure that you pull off this look the right way, here are some tips for wearing bright makeup colors this summer.

Follow The "One Or The Other" Rule
Yes, we know. Rules are meant to be broken. While this can be true for many makeup-related things, we tend to think the "one or the other" rule is pretty solid. This essentially means that when working with bright colors, you do a bold eye or a bold lip, never both. For example, if you want to do a bold red or purple lip, skip a complex eye and instead just do a swipe of eyeliner, a la Taylor Swift. If you're rocking a neon blue on those lids, try a simple nude gloss.

Don't Be Afraid To Sparkle
Glitter is making a comeback in a big way and we couldn't be more excited. However, it's essential that you do it the right way, lest you look like your pre-teen cousin at a One Direction concert. The key to grown-up glitter is concentrating it in one area rather than just letting it go everywhere. To add a pop of color, layer a bit of primer, gloss or eyelash glue on your lids and carefully pat some glitter on. Swipe away any excess with a fluffy brush and a bit of translucent powder. When it comes to cosmetic glitter, we're obsessed with the eyeshadows and glitters from 
Violet Voss cosmetics.

Keep It All Locked In
It's bad enough when your makeup runs on a hot summer night. However, as icky as a bit of bronze colored shadow is running down your face, a neon blue running down your cheek is double gross. (Can you say "escaped mental patient?") If you're wearing bright colors, it's extra essential that you lock everything in. To keep eyes and lips in place, use an extra strength setting spray. We love Ben Nye Final Seal, which is designed to keep an actor’s makeup in place under hot stage lights. If it's good enough for Broadway, it's definitely good enough for your summertime bash.

Summer is the perfect time for bright and bold colors. If you follow these tips, you can master the trend and keep your makeup in place. If you're ready to add some brights to your arsenal, join Frends Beauty today. You'll receive 10% off of your first purchase

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