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Tips for Giving Your Makeup Bag a Spring Cleaning

Tips for Giving Your Makeup Bag a Spring Cleaning

We know all too well the struggle with how quickly various makeup products can accumulate in a cosmetic bag. It becomes a form of hoarding, with numerous bags and tins filled senselessly with eyeshadows, lipsticks and associated products. If you were to lay out everything in your makeup bag, how many items would be expired or be completely out of style with current trends? Here are some pointers to help you give your makeup bag the spring cleaning it deserves.


Take Everything Out

When I say everything, I mean it! Gather all of your makeup from every and all possible locations. Check your purses, nightstands, bathrooms, suitcases, and anywhere else you bring along your beloved possessions. This part can be a bit messy so you may want to set down a towel to place your makeup on. 

Group Items Into Categories

By creating separate piles for your lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, powder, glosses, liners, and brushes, you are able to sort through and make decisions about what you want to keep and what will end up in the trash. If you have multiples of a specific item but only one that you use regularly, it may be a good idea to toss the extras. Do you really need that NYX makeup eyeshadow in every shade?

Throw Out Old or Broken Makeup

Makeup that is expired not only works less efficiently, but it can also do damage to your skin. Over time, the consistency of the product changes and the active ingredients become compromised. This could lead to skin inflammation, redness, bumps, blisters, and swelling. Furthermore, expired makeup can harbor bacteria. This is also true for brushes that have been left to sit with product on them. 

Wash Your Makeup Bags and Containers

Once you have emptied all of your makeup out, you probably noticed a lot of makeup buildup and other questionable residue. Gross, right!?! Over time, powder stains, glitter, brush bristles, mascara, and foundation have probably left their mark. Give your makeup bags a good cleaning with soap and water, and then let them air dry. Now you have a clean slate to start placing makeup back into. 

Organize Your Makeup

You have already done the hard work, so now for the easy part. Organize your makeup within your cosmetics container. Makeup organizers are a great investment if your current storage solution doesn't have dividers to separate your products. With the time you put into rejuvenating your makeup collection, organizing your makeup will help you stay up-to-date with your products.

Giving your makeup bag a spring cleaning could be just the thing you need in order to find hidden gems you’d forgotten about, as well as find things that no longer serve a purpose. Set aside some time to clean out your collection and we guarantee you’ll thank us for it later. 

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