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Spruce Up Your Bathroom In Just a Few Minutes by Getting Rid of These Items

Spruce Up Your Bathroom In Just a Few Minutes by Getting Rid of These Items

If you're like us, you've acquired a ton of beauty products over the years. Samples, brushes and old eye shadow palettes might be taking over your bathroom cabinets and drawers.

Take a few minutes and take back your bathroom by weeding through the avalanche. When you're done, it will be so much easier to find those products you do love and use. Here are some areas to look at when you're doing your makeup cleanse.

Expired Makeup
We know how hard it is to throw away makeup. You spent your hard-earned money on that foundation, why should you toss it out?

We have two good reasons: First, it can harbor bacteria, leading to irritation, acne or even swelling and second, the makeup could change consistency, meaning it won't go on as smoothly or do what it's supposed to. 

Here are some basic expiration guidelines for your favorite products:

  • Eyeliner: 6 months - 1 year: Gel liner lasts closer to 6 months because you're double-dipping a brush into the pot, introducing bacteria to the product. A pencil liner can stretch to about a year since sharpening shaves off the old product.
  • Mascara: 3-6 months: To make it last closer to 6 months, don't pump the wand. That introduces air and bacteria, drying it out and making it clumpy. 
  • Blush, eye shadow, and other powders: 1-2 years: These products are a little hardier than the others, but can still go bad over time. If the consistency changes or it smells weird, toss it.
  • Foundation: 6 months - 2 years: The packaging makes all the difference here. Any kind of packaging where you're putting your fingers into it lasts closer to 6 months, but a pump formula or one applied with a sponge can stretch to around 1-2 years. 
  • Lipstick: 2 years: Another hardy one, just keep an eye out for a change in color, texture or smell.
  • Natural Products: 3-6 months: Because they don't have preservatives, they go bad much quicker. Definitely pay attention to how long you've had these in your bag.

It's hard to throw away hardly-used products, but if they've been opened, these guidelines are a must. Do yourself and your skin a favor and toss the oldies!

Makeup Brushes
Even the most well-kept makeup brushes need to be replaced eventually. Look for these signs to know when to toss them: 

  • Shedding bristles - Eventually, the glue will loosen and bristles will start falling out. You don't want those all over your face or worse - in your eyes!
  • Dirty bristles - If the bristles just feel dirty no matter what you do, you could be spreading old product and bacteria all over your face. Hello, acne!
  • Broken, loose handles - If the handle jiggles, it will be hard to apply with precision.
  • Misshapen - If the bristles are misshapen, you won't get the application you're looking for - it will either be the wrong shape or density.

Makeup Sponges
Sponges are dreamy for foundation application, but they are also a safe haven for bacteria. If your sponges are soaked in product, deteriorating, or more than a month old, throw them out. Your face will thank you.

Makeup Samples
We all love freebies, but if those samples have been sitting in your cabinet for over 6 months, toss them! You're probably not going to use them and they're taking up precious space. 

Clearing out all of those tiny bottles and packets will feel good and, even better, leaves you with more room for new products.

Makeup You Don't Use Anymore
This might seem like common sense, but how many of us hold on to makeup we don't use anymore thinking that one day we might? Maybe you bought an eye shadow palette for a special event and you haven't used it since. Or you tried to rock a red lip and found it's just not you.

It's easy to hold on to these "just in case" - we get it. But if you haven't used a product in 6 months, you probably won't pick it up again. Clear it out and make room for new products that you will use! 

Clean Up What's Left
If you have a few extra minutes, now is the perfect time to sanitize the makeup you're keeping. Here's how: 
Lipstick: Gently wipe the tip with a paper towel. Then fully extend it, dunk into some rubbing alcohol and lay it out to dry. Be sure to wipe the outside too!
Pressed Powders: Pat the top layer with a paper towel to remove oils. Then spritz the top with rubbing alcohol and lay out to dry.
Pencil Liners: Lightly spray the pencil with rubbing alcohol and wipe down with a paper towel. For good measure, wipe down your sharpener too.
Cream or Gel Products: Lightly spray with rubbing alcohol. Flip upside down over a paper towel to dry. 

There are a few products that are difficult to sanitize including loose powders and wand applicators - if these aren't clean, just toss them.

Now that your bathroom is cleared through and old products are where they belong, your shelves and drawers might look a little bare. It's time for the best part - restocking! 

If you had favorites, replace those and enjoy the freshness. This is also a great time to experiment and find a new favorite! We love Sigma beauty products. They're best known for their high quality brushes, but they have great makeup too. 

Don't stop cleaning after your bathroom is done. Make sure you hit your makeup bag, too. You'll feel refreshed when the old is gone, and ready to play with your look by trying new products!

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