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Natural and Easy Ways to Remove Your Makeup

Natural and Easy Ways to Remove Your Makeup

If you're as beauty-obsessed as we are, then chances are you're always on the lookout for products and techniques that will keep your skin healthy and glowing, no matter how much makeup you wear. Everyone knows that removing your makeup at night is always a great idea and should be a part of your nightly routine.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have bad reactions to many commercial makeup-removing products, especially considering the fact that many of them contain drying ingredients. Makeup wipes can be especially problematic for a lot of people with sensitive skin, as they tend to contain alcohol.

Even if you have sensitive skin, there are ways to remove your makeup naturally and safely. Here are some ways to remove your makeup that are easy and natural.

Coconut Oil
Yes, we know, coconut oil is becoming a borderline clichéd beauty tip at this point. However, we really like it as a natural makeup remover. Although solid at room temperature, coconut oil turns to liquid as soon as it's warmed against the skin. Coconut oil does a great job of removing makeup. It's ideal for those with oily and acne-prone skin, as it won't clog pores and cause breakouts.

Olive Oil
Some people balk at the idea of using olive oil for cosmetic reasons, as it definitely has a distinct "food" smell. However, if you don't mind briefly smelling like a Greek salad, olive oil is a great makeup remover. It's ideal for dry skin types, as it's incredibly thick and hydrating. Those who are sensitive or prone to breakouts should tread lightly, however, as it can cause blemishes for some.

Untitled design 8The Makeup Eraser
The Makeup Eraser is a new product that has everyone here at Frends super excited. Essentially, it's an alternative method of removing makeup. Instead of using an oil to dissolve makeup, the cloth physically removes makeup without irritating the skin. All you need to do is wet it and rub it over your face until all of your makeup has been removed. It also serves as a more eco-friendly alternative to makeup wipes, which are inherently wasteful.

Get The Perfect Cleanse
We're big believers in the idea that the key to a great makeup look is great skin. No matter how fab your makeup artist game is, your finished result will always look better when your skin is well cared for and healthy.

Just like our makeup routines are constantly evolving, we're always open to new ideas about how to cleanse our skin. Recently, we've been into the double cleansing method. The double cleansing method takes everything - and we mean everything - off of our faces. It also keeps our skin super healthy and supple.

The double cleansing method originated in Korea and has recently made its way to the West. If you aren't familiar, follow these steps to integrate double cleansing into your skincare routine.

  1. Step One: Makeup Removal: You can use any of the above techniques to remove your makeup. If you don't have a problem with chemical-based makeup removers, you can use one of those as well. For non-sensitive skin types, we're obsessed with the Kett Hydro Proof Makeup Remover. It's specifically designed to remove airbrushed makeup, but does a stellar job of removing other types of makeup as well.
  2. Step Two: Foaming Cleanser: After you've used a makeup removing product and rinsed away any excess, it's time to really get your skin squeaky clean with a foaming cleanser. Foaming cleansers are ideal for really getting into the pores and washing away any leftover dirt and grime. While dry skin types have traditionally been advised to avoid foaming cleansers, we find that gentle formulations are actually great for dry skin. 
  3. Bonus Step: Toning: It should be made abundantly clear that makeup removal is not the primary function of a toner. However, using a toner after your cleanser can be a great bonus step that will remove those last little bits of makeup that managed to survive your double cleanse. Toner is great for purifying the skin and ensuring that it's completely free of makeup, oil and debris.

Put Your Best Face ForwardUntitled design 9
Great skin is integral to great makeup. This is why "always remove your makeup at night" is one of the top skincare tips you'll hear, right after "drink plenty of water." On those nights when you're completely exhausted, you might not be able to do your full skincare ritual. However, you should always at least try to get the majority of your makeup off. We love the aforementioned make up eraser for quickly getting anything off. Makeup wipes, like the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Wipes, are also a good option.

Everyone will have their own customized skincare regimen, but it should always include a thorough and effective cleansing step. If you want to step up your skincare game and invest in some better cleansing products, join Frends Beauty today. You'll save 10% on your first order and start your journey towards healthier, happier and cleaner skin.

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