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Makeup Kit Maintenance and Hygiene Tips

Makeup Kit Maintenance and Hygiene Tips

Maintaining your makeup kit is an essential aspect of owning makeup and wearing it, whether you’re a professional makeup artist or you simply maintain a makeup kit for your own use. Look at it this way -- you don't want to put dirty, unhygienic products on your beautifully clean skin or a client's. Maintaining your makeup kit and ensuring that all products within it are properly sanitized will ensure a beautiful (and hygienic) makeup application each and every time.


Brushes should be kept clean and free of foundation and eye shadow debris. While it may not always be realistic to have clean brushes 100% of the time, it should be a priority. Sigma Cosmetics offer a few unique cleaning products, such as their Spa Brush Cleaning Mat, that make it easy to keep your makeup brushes clean. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or an individual who only applies makeup to yourself, clean brushes will keep acne and breakouts at bay because it is much more hygienic. 

Keep a brush cleanser in your kit as well and spray it on brushes for a quick cleanse. If you don’t have a brush cleaning kit, you can also use paper towels to blot your makeup brushes and remove excess makeup within the bristles. Deep cleanse brushes at a sink by using cool or lukewarm water to wet the brush. Then swirl the brush in the palm of your hand with water and brush cleaner. Rinse until the brush runs clean. Lay brushes flat on a counter top with the end of the brushes exposed to the open air. This will allow them to air dry and prevent buildup within the bristles. Makeup sponges must be left out to air dry or mold can grow within them. Using disposable applicators and sponges, which can be discarded after a few uses are also a great idea.

It’s also a good idea to wipe down products at least once a week. You can do this with a packet of cleaning cloths that kills and disinfects germs. You may even wish to keep a packet of these in your kit at all times to have them handy. A paper towel and a bit of alcohol also go a long way in removing germs from products. Wipe down all packaging of products along with the inside of palettes with alcohol and a paper towel. This process will also keep your makeup products looking clean and professional. If you are a professional makeup artist, dirty looking palettes and kits may send off an unprofessional image. Clients will be impressed with clean and sleek looking makeup products when they sit down in your makeup chair. 

When you maintain your makeup kit to keep it clean and hygienic, you will notice that the process doesn't take very long. Getting in the habit of using these techniques to keep all of your tools and makeup clean will go a long way. Makeup is a beautiful thing, but germs have no place in your makeup bag.

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