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Keep Your Eyeliner from Smudging

Keep Your Eyeliner from Smudging

Do you have trouble keeping your eyeliner in place? We hear you. You take all that time to perfect your line, maybe even daring to try a little wing, and midday it's sliding down and around your lids. So frustrating! 

Thankfully, we've found some great ways to help your eyeliner stay put. Try these out ASAP - you'll love them! 

Start With a Clean Canvas
Oily eyelids will cause your liner to slide right off. Before you even pop off the cap, make sure your lids are freshly cleaned and free from any oily products. If your lids need that moisture from your moisturizer, at least give it a few minutes to really work its way in.

Prime First
Before application, apply a thin layer of primer made specifically for the eyes. It gives the liner something to grab onto and helps it stay put all day. It's made to do the job!

Use the Right Type of Eyeliner
If you've had bad luck with cheaper eyeliners, try a higher price point. Don't break your budget, of course - you can still look great without spending a fortune - but better brands tend to formulate their products with staying power. 

Another option to try is a waterproof formula. It will definitely last you all day and keep your perfect lines from running. 

Setting Powders and Sprays
Setting powder is one of our favorite ways to keep liner in place. It really grabs onto the product and holds it there. If you don't have setting powder, try using a similarly colored eye shadow. Doing that will also amp up the color of your eyeliner, which means a bonus for you!

Though it might sound strange to spray your liner, a setting spray can really help. Ben Nye makeup makes a fantastic setting spray called Final Seal. It's made to withstand a performer’s long days, so you know it will hold up yours!

It's frustrating when your hard work goes down the drain - or your cheeks. With these tips you'll be able to keep your hard-won eyeliner look in place. Celebrate by perfecting that beautiful winged liner you've been eyeing!

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