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How to Wear Fake Eyelashes Without Looking Like You Are

How to Wear Fake Eyelashes Without Looking Like You Are

We all know the dramatic power fake lashes can provide when added to an evening or night out look, but what about when we want more of a natural look? It’s absolutely possible to achieve a ‘natural look’ if you follow a few simple rules: Style, Quality and Placement.

Choose the Right Style of Lashes
Most people think of strip lashes when they think about fake eyelashes, ie: the full strip of lashes that look like a little fan. Strip lashes are the most common, but to achieve a natural look, individual lashes are the best choice. 

Individual lashes come in either clusters or singles. Since single lashes must be placed one by one down the lash line, they are often reserved as a way to fill in any gaps. Individual lash clusters come in bunches of three to five single lashes, and they are the best way to get that natural look without the process taking hours. 

Pick Quality Material
If you use cheaply made lashes, the end result will look fake. Achieving the natural lash look with fake eyelashes requires quality material, so look for lashes made from human hair or high quality synthetics. Remember: Quality doesn’t always mean expensive! Many high-quality false lash lines offer human hair lash sets for under $10, like House of Lashes
Le Petite Single set.

Placement is Key
Just as eyeshadow and eyeliner placement can correct as well as accentuate your natural eye shape, so can fake eyelashes. The placement of your false eyelashes is key in achieving that natural lash look. For instance, if you have close-set eyes, you should emphasis the outer corner of your eye. This will visually pull your eyes apart and result in a more symmetrical look. 

This technique also works with small eyes and eyes with hooded lids. By placing the bulk of the false lashes from the midpoint of the lid to the outside corner, the eyes will appear larger. You can extend this process a step further by adding two or three of the shortest clusters to the outside corner of your bottom lash line for that ‘eyes wide open’ look.

Pulling Off the 'Natural' Look
If you’re new to fake lashes or only have experience with strip lashes, a few trial runs may be necessary to achieve the desired look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with placement as well as the length of clusters. It’s all about your personal aesthetic and what satisfies your taste, so don’t be afraid to try different techniques. 

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