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How to Make Your Lip Gloss Less Sticky and Stay on Longer

How to Make Your Lip Gloss Less Sticky and Stay on Longer

Lip gloss is quick, easy and beautiful, but it can also be sticky and smeary. Thankfully, there are simple ways to fix these problems and still enjoy your gloss.

Exfoliate First
If you don't exfoliate first, you're leaving dry, flaky skin instead of a smooth surface to adhere to. Our favorite (and the easiest!) way to exfoliate lips is with a toothbrush. 

Wet your toothbrush and gently brush it across your lips in a circular motion. This is just enough to slough off the dead skin without being too harsh.

Apply Foundation Underneath
It might seem strange to put foundation on your lips, but it really adds extra staying power to your lip gloss. Just lightly pat your usual foundation or concealer on top of your lips, swipe gloss over the top, and voila! Lip gloss that lasts for hours.

Use Matching Lipstick
Using a matching lipstick, especially in a matte formula, will help your gloss last longer. It will adhere to the gloss and, bonus, once the gloss wears off, you still have color from the lipstick.

Try Lip Primer
You use primer for your face and eyes, why not try it on your lips? There are primers made especially for lips, though, so make sure that's the kind you buy. 

A good primer will give your lip gloss something to adhere to and keep it shimmering throughout the day.

Beat Stickiness
If your gloss is sticky or clumpy, try running an ice cube over the top of your lips after applying. It smooths it out and de-goops it. 

Another easy sticky fix is to dust translucent face powder over the top - not too much, or it will clump. 

Our favorite tip to beat sticky gloss? Choose a better brand! A high-quality lip gloss is less likely to be tacky and will instead leave your lips smooth, soft and shiny. 

Lip gloss doesn't have to be banned from your repertoire. With these easy tips to beat stickiness and keep your lips shining, lip gloss can be a fun part of your makeup routine.

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