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Halloween Zombie How-to!

Halloween Zombie How-to!

Let's face it folks it's almost Halloween and it's time to start picking out our costumes. Personally, I am a righteous fan of ZOMMMBIES! They are the only thing on the planet that is dead and continues to evolve. Pretty cool. From a creators point of view there are so many types of zombies, which means so much room for creative customizing. Here I will go over one of my favorite ways of making an easy long lasting zombie. I will give you the basic process and hopefully give your creative juices a jolt. Below you'll find a material lists of all the things you need to make an amazingly gruesome Zombie along with GREAT VIDEOS on how to achieve the ultimate ZOMBIE look!


Zombie Materials You Need

  1. Tinsley's FX Transfer: Zombie Series, or mix and match! (I like to work with 2 sets for maxim options)
  2. Water and a sponge.
  3. Sharp Scissors…not the ones from kindergarten, so be careful.
 Now that we have the materials list down, let’s get to making our zombie. I know that looks like a small amount of materials compared to the "THE WALKING DEAD" series, but don't fret, I'll get you there. Let's start by getting the zombie transfers on. First and most importantly - follow the instructions on the back of the packaging. My advice to you is to open the package face up. If the Prosthetic falls onto the plastic package it will be damn near impossible to remove.
Untitled design 77
Here’s a 5 step overview: 
  1. Cut open the package and remove contents. I know this might be a given but...there's always that ONE person who...never mind.
  2. Peel the clear plastic that holds the prosthetics from the adhesive paper and replace the prosthetic sheet back on...only, upside down. With your fingertips, press gently down to make sure there is a good grip.
  3. Once everything is secured down, use the scissors, carefully cut out each piece, and peel back the clear plastic off the back of the prosthetic.
  4. Clean the skin of any residue and carefully place the prosthetic in the desired location.
  5. With a damp sponge, soak the back of the piece until it goes slightly transparent. Once ready, peel back the paper and BOOM BAAAABY! (If there some part that are not fully secure, with a wet finger gently press them down)
If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this video walk thru:
Now that we have the transfer placed on, it's time to get creative if we want. The possibilities are endless. One of my favorite tools is the alcohol-activated pigments, by Skin Illustrator. The Skin Illustrator Zombie Palette lasts me plenty of Halloweens and can add the custom look you need. If you’re looking to save some money though, check out the Ben Nye Zombie Wheel or Death Wheel. Each has the perfect colors to create any zombie or death-like creature you’re after.
Now when it comes to creating a custom look, I always give my zombie a 'background story'. For example, most of the undead come from graves right? So I add a little dirt like Ben Nye Plains Dust and fake moss to my look, with the help of little Pros-aide (skin safe glue). Or maybe my zombie was frozen in time so I'll add a little bit of a frozen look with fake ice and dare I say it - Glitter. That’s the beautiful thing, about these brain-seeking creatures, you can get super creative and have fun with it. I recommend using cream makeup like Ben Nye to help give your look more depth. For example a light brown to sink in the eyes a bit and then add baby blue with some white to "CHILLLL" them out.
You can also create an awesome looking zombie using airbrush makeup. Check out our friend Nix Hererra for European Body Art showing some simple techniques to make a perfect zombie.
Of course you can't become a zombie without shedding a little blood, so grab your favorite one and go join your horde.
Happy Halloween!
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