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Foundation Mistakes You're Probably Making

Foundation Mistakes You're Probably Making

Foundation can be a tricky product. There are so many formulations, shades, and applicators - where do you even start? Because of its complicated nature, many of us are making mistakes. Start by avoiding these 5. 

Using the Wrong Type
Everyone's skin is different. Some of us are oily, others dry, and still others sensitive. Each of these skin types requires a different foundation formulation. 

Oily skin needs an oil-free and/or oil-absorbing foundation; dry skin craves the extra moisture of a creamy, hydrating formula; and sensitive skin pairs well with a mineral-based formula free of dyes, fragrances and preservatives.

Caking it On
The media tells us we must have flawless skin. In our quest for that, some of us end up applying way too much foundation. Unfortunately, that leaves you looking cakey and fake, rather than gorgeous and dewy. Let your real skin shine through - you're gorgeous, imperfections and all! Simply apply one smooth layer over your moisturizer and let concealer hide any spots. 

Using the Wrong Color
We've all done it, especially in those early teen years. Now you look back in photos and can see the unflattering results of the wrong shade: too light makes you look washed out and pale, while too dark looks like you stuck just your face in a tanning bed.

Finding the right color can be so tricky, but a good makeup artist can help you. If you're on your own, be sure to test colors on your jawline, not your wrist, and double-check them in natural lighting.

Applying with Fingers
It seems so minimalist and harmless, but applying foundation with your fingers is not the way to go. It leaves you with streaky results and can also spread bacteria across your face - no thanks! 

Use a makeup sponge or brush instead. It allows you to use less foundation and applies it smoothly and evenly. Just make sure to clean and replace it regularly.

Not Setting Your Foundation
You can spend all the time in the world making your skin look flawless, but if you don't set it, it's going to be gone by the end of the day. Make sure you set your foundation with a good powder, either translucent or one that matches your skin tone for extra coverage. Just make sure it's a light dusting - you don't want to end up looking cakey.

One of our favorites is Ben Nye banana luxury powder. Well known because of Kim Kardashian, this silky smooth powder keeps foundation in place and brings out an extra glow to the skin. We love it for warmer skin tones.

Don't waste your time making mistakes on your foundation. Try these 5 easy tips and step out with your best skin ever!

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