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Contouring Done Right for Every Skin Tone

Contouring Done Right for Every Skin Tone

Contouring is a wonderful beauty tool when used correctly. It can add dimension, sculpt your cheekbones, and illuminate your skin. It can be tricky, though, especially when trying to figure out what works for your skin tone. If you are unsure of where to start, Anastasia Beverly Hills makes some great contour kits with a variety of shades to try out. Here are some great tips to get the job done right:

Fair Skin
We've all seen examples of contouring gone wrong, and it's so easy to do with fair skin. The darker shades needed for contouring show up easily on fair skin, which is good and bad. The good? A little product goes a long way. The bad? A little too much product goes the wrong way! 

Avoid this problem by using cool shades, applying lightly and blending until you can't blend any more. When it comes to highlighting, it's easy for the lighter shades to get lost on fair skin, so try a pearlescent highlighter instead. 

Medium Skin
Medium skin is the easiest to find contouring products for. There are plenty available that will show up and do the job, while not looking overdone or being invisible. Our favorite is ABH’s hit contour kit. It comes with six different shades for highlighting and contouring, perfect for light to medium skin. If you're looking for a light, smooth, easy-to-blend product, this is the one!

Choose a palette with colors about two shades darker than your skin to ensure that it's visible, but not unnatural looking. Also be sure to avoid orange shades - the Oompa Loompa look is still not in! Stick to warmer tones for a natural, fresh face. 

Dark Skin
Darker skin faces its own set of challenges when it comes to contouring. It can be difficult to find a shade dark enough for the contouring part and tough to find a palette that has everything you need.

To contour correctly, be sure to find a palette with deep, rich tones. A bronzer could work well for this too. Another good strategy is to focus more on the highlighting aspect - this will show up well on darker skin and emphasize the natural shadows, creating its own kind of contouring.

No matter what your skintone is, contouring can really help your makeup pop and finish it off with a professional look. The key is to keep practicing and testing different products until you find the right combination of color and technique to pull it off. With the many contouring palettes we have available in our shop, you're sure to find a product that will work for you!

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