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Beauty and Makeup Swaps You Should be Making for Summer

Beauty and Makeup Swaps You Should be Making for Summer

Summer is in full swing and we here at Frends Beauty couldn't be happier about it. We're all about those long hot days and those weekends spent at the pool or beach.

While summer is the best season for outdoor fun and adventures with friends, it isn't always the best season for make up. In the fall or winter, makeup feels like a no-brainer. You put it on and it stays in place. On a particularly hot summer day, however, it can be just a few minutes after you step outside before your makeup starts to slide down your face.

But just because the temperature is high it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your style. If you want heat-proof makeup, skincare and hair, then make these easy swaps.

lorac cc cream



What You're Using: Long-wear foundation
What You Should Be Using: CC cream
A full face of matte foundation and powder isn't a good look for summer. We've all cringed at that girl who's gone full Kardashian while chilling poolside. Ditch the cakey look and go for a light CC cream that will give you a sheer but even finish. Try the Lorac CC Cream. It will blur away any redness or blemishes, but you won't feel like you've got a mask on.

What You're Using: Pressed powder in your skin tone
What You Should Be Using: A loose translucent powder
Many makeup artists recommend using a pressed powder in the same color as your skin and foundation. It gives you a really flawless finished complexion. However, it's just too much for the summer. Instead, top your CC cream application with a very light swipe of a translucent powder that will reduce shine without looking too heavy.

What You're Using: A heavy matte lipstick
What You Should Be Using: A sheer lip gloss
Sure, Instagram is full of beauty diehards rocking those trendy bold colored matte lips. But unless your life consists of just posing for the cameras, be realistic and go with something that you can actually live in. You shouldn't let worrying about your lips ruin your day at the pool or park.

We'll always be forever obsessed with the original Lip Venom, a cult classic. The DuWop Venom Gloss is a lighter, glossier version of the OG. Use it to give your lips a bit of color and a light plumping effect.

What You're Using: A thick night cream
What You Should Be Using: A light lotion
Unless you're naturally very dry, your usual night cream is simply too much for the summer. While moisturizer sounds like it should be a "never too much of a good thing" situation, too much hydration can actually cause your skin to go into overdrive and produce more pore-clogging sebum and oil. Avoid this by opting for a light moisturizer and stash your thick night cream away for fall.

What You're Using: A mascara that runs down your face
What You Should Be Using: A waterproof formula
There are a few good arguments against using waterproof formula regularly. It's hard to remove, which means that buildup can accumulate. However, this can be circumvented if you use a good oil-based eye makeup remover. 

Using a waterproof mascara will ensure that your mascara stays in place, even if you swim or sweat. While waterproof mascara tends to not be as volumizing as other formulas, this can be fixed by using a lash curler before you apply.

Our favorite is the Stila Mile High Lashes Mascara because it stays put the longest. Trust us, we've put it through the ringer. When it comes to getting such a water-resistant formula off, the Mavidon Body Makeup & Adhesive Remover is a trade secret that we swear by. It will literally take anything off.

hair hydratingstylingcream 2

What You're Using: Tons of hairspray
What You Should Be Using: A lightweight styling cream
Sure, it's fun to rock some big curls that stay in place thanks to a liberal application of hairspray. However, this look just plain isn't summer-friendly. Instead of rocking pageant queen hair, go for loose waves held in place with a small application of a lightweight styling cream. You won't have to worry about your style falling apart as the weather heats up and the gay goes on.

What You're Using: Shampoo daily
What You Should Be Using: Dry shampoo
If your hair gets oily and greasy thanks to the summer heat, it probably sounds like a good idea to wash it every day. However, this can strip your scalp of its natural oils and cause dryness. If you want clean hair sans dryness or frizz, replace your daily shampooing with a blast of dry shampoo at the roots in between washes. Your hair will be clean without you having to sacrifice shine and hydration.

We swear that every woman should have a bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo in her hair care arsenal. It comes in a wide array of scents and formulas. It totally sucks up oil and odor like a vacuum.

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