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Applying Glitter Makeup Without Creating a Mess

Applying Glitter Makeup Without Creating a Mess

If you love rocking bold makeup looks, then chances are you've wanted to dip your makeup brush in the glitter trend. However, glitter can seem like one of the most cumbersome makeup products around. First of all, applying it can mean committing to having glitter everywhere for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, once you've applied it to your lids, it can quickly travel and get all over your face, shoulders and even your outfit.

Glitter can be used in a no-mess manner. It can also stay where you put it. That is, if you have the right tips and tricks at your disposal. Here are our tips on how to apply glitter makeup the smart way.


Step One: Prep Your Space

Yes, glitter makes a mess. This is just one of life's basic and unavoidable truths. However, if you prep your workspace, you can reduce just how much of a mess it makes. Start with a clean vanity or countertop. Then, lay down some sheets of magazine or newspaper pages. Try to work over this space. When you're done, carefully fold up the pages and dispose of them.


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Step Two: Start With the Eyes

Assuming that you only want glitter on your lids, you should always start with your eye makeup when working with glitter. Even the most precise makeup artists will experience some fall-out on the cheeks and rest of the face. When you start with your eyes, you can clean this fall-out up with a makeup wipe before applying the rest of your foundation, powder and makeup.


Step Three: Prep the Skin

Most eye makeup primers aren't heavy-duty enough to keep glitter in place. They're meant to just create a base for eye shadow. To keep glitter in place, use a primer that's specifically meant to keep glitter put. The Violet Voss Secret Weapon Adhesive is one of our favorite primers for glitter. It truly keeps everything locked in. (You can also shop Violet Voss for the glitter itself. We're obsessed with their highly-pigmented, colorful loose glitters.)


Step Four: Seal the Deal

Setting spray doesn't just keep you from getting shiny. Rather, it also works to lock everything in place, especially when you're using something like glitter. We love the NYX setting sprays - available in both matte and dewy finishes - for locking elaborate makeup looks in place.


Step Five: Remove Wisely

You should never fall asleep with a full face of makeup, but you should definitely never fall asleep with a full face of glitter. It's a recipe for having a bedroom full of glitter for weeks to come. If you want to remove wisely, use makeup wipes. We're fans of the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Wipes for getting everything off without sucking the moisture out of our skin.

Glitter can add pizzazz to your look and it is possible to apply it without creating a mess. Join Frends Beauty today to get 10% off of your first sparkly, glittery and gorgeous purchase.

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