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Achieving Multiple Looks with One Eyeshadow Palette

Achieving Multiple Looks with One Eyeshadow Palette

Did you know that you don't need to buy multiple eyeshadow palettes just because you want the option to create different looks? It's true. All you need is the right palette of colors that can take you from day to night, and even special occasions.


One flattering palette is the Lorac Unzipped eyeshadow palette, which comes with 10 fabulous colors. Lorac's Unzipped is a nude palette, but it includes shimmer and matte colors that can be as versatile as you are. 

Daytime Look

For a great daytime look, most women want a mix of easy to choose colors in order to look great whether at work, running errands or out to brunch with the girls.  Palettes with nude colors are spot-on for a natural look but usually include a couple of darker shades to help add some dimension with a more defined crease. 

Choose three shades that complement your natural skin tone, and starting with your lid, blend the shades upward. Put the darkest shade in the crease, and apply the lightest shade nearest to your brow.

Nighttime Look

Ready for a night on the town? Even the most natural looking eyeshadow palettes contain at least one shade dark enough to create a smoky eye. Use a makeup brush with a sponge-like application tip instead of a bristle tip to apply a thick layer of dark eyeshadow around your eye. Once you have applied the thick layer, you will want to smudge it slightly to get the smoky effect. Then use lighter shades to blend upward. 

In addition to dark eyeshadow, add some of your favorite black eyeliner and mascara and your look has instantly gone from day to night.

Special Occasions

It’s easy to do a quick touch-up of your makeup and then add some shimmer if you have a special event or party to attend. Use your finger or your favorite brush to apply a shimmering shade, making sure to cover the inner corner of your eyelid all the way to the outer edge. You can even use the lightest shade in your palette to do some highlighting as well. Just make sure you do a little blending if using multiple shades.

There you have it - three different looks that can be achieved from just one eyeshadow palette. Palettes with multiple shades give you the flexibility to create multiple looks because of the various matte and shimmering shades. How many looks you can create is really up to you and your own creativity.

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