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7 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

7 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

Halloween is a one of the most fun times of year with the costumes, cute make up, and not to mention the almost endless supply of free candy. However, a last minute costume can be difficult to put together if you haven't planned ahead! Try these quick Halloween makeup ideas to take your last minute costume from no-go to so-go.



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To recreate a messy or neat zombie make up look, grab:

  • white eyeliner or cream
  • black eyeliner or cream eye shadow
  • lipstick in red, black, or green 
  • white eye shadow (not cream)
  • black eye shadow (not cream)
  • purple eye shadow (not cream)

You can also check out our Zombie makeup kit to get everything you need in one spot!

The first thing you need to do is use the your white cream to create a base. Draw thick lines all over your face and blend with your fingers. Continue until you're satisfied and set in with the eye shadow.

With the black eye shadow, contour the cheek hallows and sides of your forehead. Remember, you're a zombie - and as such, that gives you the liberty to go to town on these areas of your face.

With the black eyeliner, apply thickly to the eyes. Even your waterline. Fill the lid to the crease with black. Blend out your edges with the black shadow as far as you want. No need to be messy or pretty! With the red lipstick, draw veins that branch out with a lip brush. Use the purple eye shadow to cover these and create a bruised look. Finally, fill in your lips with either the black eyeliner or black lipstick.



One more look before I head off to bed 😴 Vampire makeup πŸ’€

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To get your Vampire makeup started, use a foundation that is three to four shades lighter than your natural tone. It can be as cheap as you like. Make sure, however, it's well applied and blended. Put that smoky eye you've been working on to good use and create a very heavy smoky eye. Use black mascara or false lashes to define them. Contour the cheek bones with a darker color - vampires don't blush!

Finally, use the bloodiest red lipstick you have and do two to three coats on your lips. Using either face paint, fake blood, transfers, or lipstick, create fake blood dripping down your cheek. Voila - you should be feeling very hungry for blood soon!

If you don't have the supplies in your kit already and want to get the products in one swoop, here is our Vampire kit.


Don't be fooled by websites claiming your face has to be red or white to be a devil. While it can be, the important thing is your eyes and lips!

Using dark brown or black, draw an arch on your brows that is sharp and tapered. Color them in and extend slightly past your natural eyebrow. Line lids with liquid liner in black. Then color the upper lids with red or black eye shadow with glitter. Make sure to extend the shadow past the outer corners of your eyes. Use pearl or gold shadow to fill the rest to the brow. Red lips finish the look!


Use green eye shadow to start. Then use black eyeliner to create an intense cat eye. Now use a black brow pencil to color in your brow. Draw on fake lower lashes with a black eyeliner pencil or brow pencil.

To really nail this look, create a wart. Use black lipstick to color your lips as a start. If that's not witchy enough for you, add some deep red in the middle. Finally, mess up your hair and draw something funky with your eyeliner!



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First, create an orange face with eyeliner and shadow, using the same technique as the zombie. Next, create a thick cat eye. Underline with white shadow. Outline nostrils with black then white, and draw a small line down your glabella (the place between nose and mouth) in black. Outline that with white to create the top of your lion's mouth.

Then create thick, arched brows with a black brow pencil. Use black lipstick to define your lips and use a pencil or eyeliner to create whiskers. Draw dots on your white glabella with the black liner.



Yesterday's Bad ass Harley Quinn πŸ™ŒπŸΌ πŸ˜˜β£πŸƒ My mix of the New and Old version of Harley . #suicidesquad #arkhamknight _________________________________________________________ used: @bennyemakeup Fresh Cut , White , Black , & Turquoise as Eyeliner . @houseoflashes Smokey Muse Lashes , @meltcosmetics Amelie as Blush , @jeffreestarcosmetics Unicorn Blood & Dominatrix , @anastasiabeverlyhills liquid lipstick Carina as pink eyeliner . @desioeyes Desert dream Contact . ________________________________________________________ #anastasiabeverlyhills #meltcosmetics #meltamelie #meltlovesick #jeffreestar #jeffreestarcosmetics #unicornblood #dominatrix #bennye #houseoflashes #smokeymuse #desioeyes #harleyquinn #harleyquinnmakeup #batman #joker #gotham #halloween #halloweenmakeup #motd #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupfanatic1 #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #inssta_makeup #velourliquidlipstick

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We can't forget the most popular Halloween costume of 2015; Harley Quinn! To get this make up look, start by painting your ears, one in black the other in red. With white face paint or using the zombie technique, cover your face. However, leave a ring around your eyes for the mask.

If you can't do that perfectly, don't worry. Create the mask outline with black eyeliner or face paint. Don't start filling in quite yet. Create highlights with white and grey as you fill in. The grey eye shadow is used to create a shadow on your face.

For your lips, mix red and black lipstick or face paint. Extend them out slightly for a nod to The Joker. You can also add a shiny gloss if you wish!


Use foundation, concealer, or pressed powder to even out your skin tone. Fairies are pretty fairly pigmented, and have a chiseled cheekbone - created with glowy bronzer under the cheekbones. Next, use about twice as much blush as you usually and would, and in hot pink.

Then, apply a champagne or like colored cream eye shadow. Follow this shimmery pinks, teals, and a bright purple for a water color like effect. Use bright matching eyeliner to line under your lids thinly and add fake and fluttery lashes. With black eyeliner, create a thick wing. To blend fake and natural lashes, add a coat of mascara.

Finish the look with a bright, hot pink lipstick. Add lots and lots of pink glitter and voila! A beautiful water fairy are you. Don't forget to check out our Fairy kit if you want to get all supplies at once.

No matter what you decide to be for Halloween, these easy makeup looks should help you even if it's a last minute costume. Happy trick or treating, stay safe, and above all.. have fun!

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