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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

Taking the extra time to play with your makeup can be a lot of fun, but when it comes to everyday life, most of us want a quicker routine. Save the winged liner for the weekend and try these tips for a simpler weekday look. 

Your makeup routine goes way faster when you actually know where your products are. Take the initial chunk of time to get everything organized and your future self will thank you! 

Along this line, it can also help to lay out your makeup the night before. People do it with their clothes - why not beauty products? 

Don't focus so much on what you want to hide - that's such a bummer anyway, right? Instead, pick 2 or 3 things you love about your face and accentuate those for a super speedy and effective routine. 

For example, if you love your eyes, lips and cheekbones, your routine should consist of mascara, lipstick and a swipe of bronzer. You'll feel and look great - and save time too!

Keep It Simple
Layered eye shadow and fancy winged liner are gorgeous, but they can take up a lot of time.

For a streamlined makeup routine, keep the techniques simple - think a single swipe of eye shadow or an easy, solid line of eyeliner.

Another great way to keep things simple is by choosing neutral colors. They're easier to blend and make mistakes less noticeable.

280915 the balm header imageChoose Multi-purpose Products
This tip is a major time saver. Instead of searching for individual products, choose ones that do double duty. For example, an eyeliner that doubles as a brow pencil; a contouring palette that can be used for a neutral eye shadow; or a lip stain that also works on cheeks. 

The Balm cosmetics are rock stars at this - after all, their philosophy is "beauty in five minutes." Check them out for tons of great palettes and multi-purpose products.

Try Forgiving Products
Some products require a certain amount of precision to apply. When you can, try more forgiving formulas that don't take as long and offer a little more room for error.

Instead of a heavy foundation requiring an applicator, for example, try a BB cream that slides on quick. Another great swap is lip gloss instead of lipstick - you can even do this one in the car!


Take Care of the Canvas
If you're not taking good care of yourself, it will show on your skin. Drink enough water, exercise and eat well. This will keep your skin looking great naturally - our favorite time saver! 

Creating a quicker makeup routine doesn't have to be complicated. Simplify your life with these easy tips and enjoy more time doing what you love!

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