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4 Best Makeup Tools You Should Be Using

4 Best Makeup Tools You Should Be Using

Achieving your perfect makeup look isn't just about choosing the right products for your face. Quality makeup tools should find a home in every routine. They can vastly improve the ease with which makeup can be applied and can help even the newest makeup users create professional quality looks. Here are the 4 best makeup tools you should be including in your beauty routine.


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Beauty Blender Sponges
There's no doubt you've seen these iconic little teardrop shaped blending sponges on the vanities of celebrities, makeup artists and enthusiasts around the world. Beauty Blender sponges are small, ergonomically designed makeup sponges that can be used to apply and blend foundation to create a flawless natural look. When wearing foundation, achieving an even application and avoiding unsightly and unnatural lines of demarcation is key. Beauty Blender sponges apply foundation evenly, and are washable, reusable and can be recycled. Special cleanser for the sponges is also available through either separately or in a combo pack.

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RMS Brightening Brush
Especially with winter's cold winds and grey skies handing out dry skin and bad lighting, there's no reason to shirk your highlighting duties. RMS Beauty's brightening brush is sleek, compact and fantastic for highlighting those delicate, hard to reach areas around the eyes that make all the difference in your overall look. Precise application of luminizers is simple with the easy to use tapered brush. Want to give yourself the illusion of a smaller nose? Use the brush to highlight your bridge with ease and create a sleek and slim new look. This elegant, affordable brush retracts for safe storage.

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Jouer Flat Kabuki Brush
We've all seen standard kabuki brushes. They pop up in the collection of just about every professional makeup artist, and they've become just as popular for home use. Joeur steps outside the box and takes the kabuki brush to new levels with their Flat Kabuki Brush. The sleek and stylish visual piece is easy to hold and collects the perfect product amount ensuring that your look will be simple yet flawless every time. Whether you're applying blush, luminizer or bronzer, you can achieve the perfect highlights and tones with this charming, easy to store brush.

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Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler
If you've tried regular eyelash curlers a million times and simply can't understand what all the hype is about, the Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler was created just for you. The small portable heated wand is amazing at giving stubborn lashes the va-va voom that regular clamp eyelash curlers simply don't achieve. In addition to giving a deep curl, use of this heated wand protects your delicate lashes from the potential breakage and accidental damage of regular curler clamping. The curler is powered by a battery, and requires no outlet. It can be used before or after mascara is on, so it's never too late to give your lashes a curl.

Incorporating quality tools into your routine can take your appearance from amateur to pro almost overnight. Many beauty enthusiasts are amazed at how much more they love their look when they start including tools that can simplify and improve their application experience. Big and small, makeup tools make a huge difference in the outcome of a beauty routine.

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