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12 Tricks to Make Thin Eyebrows Look Full

12 Tricks to Make Thin Eyebrows Look Full

Your eyebrows are one of the first things people notice about you, usually. They frame your face, enunciate your mood, and help portray your thoughts in a non-verbal mode. In other words, they're pretty important to most of us. Some people were blessed with eyebrows that they consider perfect for their face. Others, not so much. Today we asked some of our pro clients about a common concern, and for some tips on how to make thin eyebrows look more full.

1/12) When trying to make thin brows appear more full, the trick is layers. I fill first with a lighter color in the overall shape I need, then go in with a darker color and create hair strokes. This gives the brow dimension and a really natural look. - Treja McClish

2/12) I use a multitude of products to create real looking hairs and textures. Pencils by Kevyn Aucoin (love Ash Blonde), MUFE Aqua Brow (#10 and #12 are favs), Senna brow color (love Auburn to add warmth and Ebony for depth) and Senna brow gels in Brown and Blonde shimmer are fantastic. And for application I use the #940 by MUD, SS033 from Crown, and Terri Tomlinson #1 angled sable brush. - Terri Tomlinson

ka brow gel pencil main

3/12) To create a more natural looking brow, I stroke 2 different brow tones, one lighter than the hair and one hair color, to create new "hairs" where they are missing. By using 2 tones, you create the effect of depth and texture. Then you can use a tint powder to fill in where necessary. I usually go 1 shade lighter than the hair. - Tammi Marks McDonald

4/12) Brow gel in a close to natural tone, and powders lighter and darker. Hair like strokes of all three. Insta-brows never look as good as anyone thinks they will so natural is the key. I also enjoy brush in fiber products that attach to the existing eyebrow hairs to make them seem fuller or like there are more of them. Every client is their own special case - there's no one perfect way - but that's the tool kit I pull from. - Miranda Riddle

5/12) Brush brows up first, trim if necessary. I use a lighter-than-brow colored powder (Senna brow book) with a stiff slanted brush to create the shape and add depth. Then I use a darker color to mimic individual hairs with a pencil, then colored or clear gel on top if needed. I like Anastasia brow pencils and can't LIVE without the Senna brow book. Layer, layer, layer! - Lisa Gleeson

hero brow book

6/12) Powders are great! They look way more natural than those pomades. Also, many companies make stencils that help if you can't create a good outline yourself. An angled brush is perfect for creating a clean shape. - Jessica Warburton

7/12) Use a sharpened pencil or cream / gel brow product with an angled brush to draw in thin lines where the hairs would naturally grow. Draw them in the direction that the hair grows, keeping strokes short and thin. Brush through brows with a spoolie (or clean mascara wand) to distribute product evenly. Use a brow powder in a matching shade to fill in any gaps missed, and give brows further fullness. Finish with brow gel if you have unruly hairs or need to comb brows through and keep them in place throughout the day. The effect created by the layering of these products makes brows appear more natural but full and thick due to the way the product builds up onto itself and onto your brows. - Oni Jomir

8/12) I have learned that in order to make brows appear thicker to brush them up so all the hairs are standing. Then with an angled brush and brow powder similar in color to your natural hair color, fill in the spaces that are sparse. Avoid filling the beginning of the brow as this can make them look blockish like a game of Tetris, lol. Then brush the brows back into place and brush a clear brow was or gel over it to set it. I hope this helps. - Crystal Ramos

9/12) To make thin brows appear fuller, I always suggest brushing the brows so that you can clearly see what you are working with. Use a slanted brow brush along with brow powder to fill in the brows while creating the brow shape. Brush the brow again with the brow brush / spoolie to evenly distribute the color. This technique gives the most natural and full look to the brow. - Denise Tunnell

dipbrow taupe 2

10/12) To help brows appear naturally full, use a mechanical brow pencil with a fine tip to create realistic looking 'hairs'. Make very fine, tiny strokes and work slowly. Using 2 pencils, one in your natural brow color and one a shade or two lighter helps create depth that looks realistic. I love Senna's pencils. Ben Nye has a lovely shade range in a more affordable, non-mechanical version. Using a small, firm, angled brush, go over the brows with a matte eye shadow or brow powder in your brow color. Again, small strokes. This will soften the brows and create a very natural brow while adding fullness. You can correct mistakes made with the pencil. Senna and Viseart make wonderful brow powders. Go over the brow with a brow gel to set hairs in place. Using a brow gel with a bit of shimmer or layering two colors will add dimension. Senna, NYX and MAC make great options. - Danielle Blazer

11/12) My favorite product for bulking up brows when there is little to no hair to begin with is Dipbrow from Anastasia. I can create realistic hair strokes and it’s waterproof so I know they're in it for the long haul. Sometimes, it takes a multi-product approach to really create that dimension and texture that real brows have. That might mean sketching out the shape and adding individual hairs, filling in with powder and setting with brow gel. If a client is shy about bulking up brows, and many are, I let them know that it almost always creates a more youthful appearance and is like an instant, painless facelift. That usually does the trick! - Ivy Boyd

12/12) I advise using a lash serum to promote growth, but in the meantime, using a stencil and brow powder is a big help. Everyone isn't adept at accomplishing a natural look with a fine pencil which is the preferred method, so to the inexperienced, a stencil can help guide you to a natural shape. I recommend a taupe tone for blondes, and a soft brown for brunettes - anything darker can look harsh without supporting hairs underneath. You can go more dramatic when your brows fill back out. And I also advise a method I call "row at a time" which means keep the new growth to only a row of hair at a time and tweeze underneath that to stay neat while growing out the new thickness. Fill in the sparse hairs with a pencil, and the next round of new growth can grown in a row at a time under that. - Stephanie Cozart Burton

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