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Travel Tips for Makeup Artists

Travel Tips for Makeup Artists

One of the best parts about being a makeup artist is the ability to travel with your work. Traveling, however, also means transporting your makeup – can you say hassle? Luckily, with these easy tips, it doesn’t have to be:


Think Before You Pack

Brainstorming before you pack will save you a lot of time and ensure that you bring just what you need – say goodbye to over (or under) packing! Consider these three things when you’re deciding what to pack: who your client is, what kind of makeup they’re requesting and what environment you’ll be working in. Knowing the answers to these questions will make all the difference in what you bring. If you’re flying to Alaska, for example, you might need a different foundation formula than you would in say, Hawaii. And if your bride is looking for natural makeup, you can definitely leave behind that electric blue liner. Another thing to consider is what you’ll be packing your products in. We absolutely LOVE Zuca makeup cases and bags. They roll like a dream, have sturdy metal frames and come in a variety of sizes.


Take Inventory

Once you decide what you’re bringing with you, take an inventory. Keep one list with you and one inside your bag. For extra protection, take a picture or two once your bag is packed. Then if anything goes missing, you have a time-stamped image and proof of what you were carrying. 


Purchase Insurance

As you well know, stocking your makeup kit is expensive. In the event that something happens to your bag, you’re looking at spending lots of cash to replace everything. 

Insuring your kit is a great way to put your mind at ease and make sure you’re covered should something like this happen. Check with your local agent to see what they can offer you. Some airlines also offer insurance on checked bags.


Check Your Bags

We know, it’s hard to imagine parting with your kit. You don’t know who’s handling it and how. As scary as it seems, many a makeup artist has checked their bag with no problem. And if there is an issue, most airlines are good about correcting the issue (this is where those pictures come in handy!). Checking your kit has the benefit of knowing your products won’t get thrown out (as long as they’re all allowed!). If you happen to bring a bottle that’s a smidge too big for carry-on, it’s gone!If you decide to go this route and check the majority of your products, make sure you pack a backup kit in your carry-on. That kit should include your bare minimum essentials so you can still put something together.



For many makeup artists, though, checking their bag is not an option. We totally understand! If you’re in this group, make sure you’re aware of the requirements for carry-ons (hint: there are a lot of them!). Liquids especially have strict measurements, and there are restrictions on sharp objects among other things. Check with your airline beforehand to make sure your items don't get tossed!

Solids are best for your carry-on, as they don’t have any special limits. Another must for your carry-on are your palettes – they can break too easily in transport if they’re not handled gently. Brushes are another good item to carry with you. If something happens to your product, at least you have your brushes, and you know you can replace product more easily. 


Packing Tips

Make it Tight! - To make sure your products arrive in their best condition, pack everything nice and tight. Less room to move around means less room to bounce and break. Fill in any empty spaces with bubble wrap or soft towels. Besides being fun, bubble wrap is also perfect to secure your palettes. Wrap them inside and out to prevent cracking.

Fragile Items - The most delicate items should go in the middle of your suitcase. From there, you can build a soft nest around them. Glass bottles should be wrapped in electrical tape – this helps prevent cracking and breakage. Make sure you leave the label free and clear, however, or T.S.A. might just remove it.

Airbrush Packing - This one can be a little tricky, as these machines are A) expensive, and B) oddly shaped. They’re not just a little bottle that can be wrapped up. Your best bet here is to bubble wrap it like crazy, pack it in the middle and make sure it’s easily accessible. It can look strange to someone viewing it on x-ray, so you’re almost guaranteed to get a bag search. Make it easy for them and they’ll make it easy for you by not ransacking your bag!

Prevent Spillage - Clear cosmetic bags are great for your liquids for a couple of reasons: T.S.A. can easily see what’s inside them, reducing the chances that they’ll have to open everything up. They also hold liquids in the off chance that your product explodes. Tape product caps shut and get as much air out of your bags as possible. Excess air = an explosion upon compression.

Make Trigger Items Easily Accessible - Items that are red flags for T.S.A. should be packed so they’re easily accessible. That way, if your bag is inspected, they can find the items without raiding your whole bag. 

Packing your kit for travel can seem overwhelming, but with this simple guide, it will be a piece of cake. Take a deep breath, pack that bag and enjoy your travels!

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