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Tips to Find the Perfect Shade for Clients

Tips to Find the Perfect Shade for Clients


If you want your clients to show off their smooth, flawless-looking skin on the set or on the job, choosing the proper shade and type of foundation is absolutely essential. If you pick a product that is either too dark or too light, you will run the very real risk of ruining the entire makeup job. It is not all that different from making a cake: If you don’t have the correct basic ingredients, chances are good that your finished product will not come out of the oven looking and tasting good.

However, there is more that goes into finding just the right foundation than simply matching the color. You want your client’s skin to look smooth and radiant without being so uniform that it resembles the skin of a store mannequin. Fortunately, this task is not nearly as daunting as it may seem.

First, make sure your work area is well-lit, as you will be carefully examining your client’s face, neck and even her hands. What you are doing here is identifying the various undertones that go into the overall look of her skin. Each person’s face is a unique amalgam of various shades and undertones, from yellows to peaches and pinks to browns. The task before you is to find a shade of foundation that will work with all of the variations in color throughout your client’s face. This is a trial and error process that involves testing different foundations and choosing the one that blends in best. A good place to conduct this test for most people is on the jaw line where it intersects with the neck. This spot is usually optimal because facial and body tones often intersect here.

Even the most thorough test is only as good as the makeup you use. That’s where foundation products from the Research Council of Makeup Artists (RCMA) truly stands out. This company, considered by numerous professionals to be the gold standard in the aesthetics industry, is superior because of its wide selection of colors and formulas that enable you to easily accommodate any skin tone with ease. RCMA products are also sought after because they do not require you to use any type of color corrector or concealer in conjunction with them. Because the foundations are made only with vegetable oils and pure waxes and are manufactured under the strictest quality standards, they will never leave your client with that dreaded caked-on, fake look.


As a professional makeup artist, you need to meet the needs of any number of clients with skin tones that run the gamut from light to dark and everything in between. RCMA’s professional makeup palettes give you the opportunity to experiment with the full range of shades and colors, mixing and matching as you wish. Since all of their foundations are designed to work in harmony with each other, you can let your color instincts be your guide as you find that perfect marriage of hues and undertones.

Yes, foundation is only one step in the makeup process. However, a carefully matched shade will give your client’s skin that smooth glow that will carry over into every other part of her makeover. By using the highest quality foundation shades to match your clients' skin tone perfectly, you can rise to the next level of client transformation.

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