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The Versatility of Glitter Makeup

The Versatility of Glitter Makeup
You might think glitter makeup is limited to a little shimmer in your shadow, but glitter is much more versatile than that! It's not just for special events either. Here are some easy ways to glam up your look with loose glitter:


The eyes are the obvious choice, but for good reason! Loose glitter applied to your eyes can pack a beautiful, glamorous punch. The main concern with using glitter is the risk of it falling into your eyes, but you can easily combat this with primer. There's even primer specifically made for glitter application. Once you're primed, you can apply glitter just about anywhere on your eyes. A light dusting over your shadow is subtle, while a concentrated amount along your liner adds a real pop. You can even apply it to your lashes for a more dramatic look.


Another fun option for loose glitter is the lips. Just apply your favorite lip product, whether it's lipstick or gloss, and pat a light dusting of glitter on top. You can use a range of glitter sizes here - finer for just a hint of sparkle or a chunky glitter for a more unique look.


This is one of our favorite places to use glitter. It's fun, but not too obvious or messy. Apply the glitter just after you've painted your nails, that way the glitter has something to stick to. You can apply a dusting all over the nail, in a stencil for a cool pattern, or on just the tips for a fun twist on the French manicure. 


A big trend right now is applying glitter along your part. It's a fun look and super easy - just grab your favorite glitter and a good hair wax or gel. Apply the wax or gel along your part and into your hair, then dust the loose glitter on top, and you’re done! Some people like to mix the glitter into the hair product first, but we think dusting it on after gives you better control over placement. If you do want it throughout your hair instead, you can rake the wax or gel through your hair, then do the same with the glitter. Brush it through, and you'll have a subtle shimmer in your 'do. These are just a few of the fun ways you can use loose glitter. If you're not sure which brand to go with, we love Violet Voss cosmetics. They have beautiful loose glitter that comes in three different sizes and tons of colors. Have fun!
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