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Problematic Skin, with Eva Hendrick

Problematic Skin, with Eva Hendrick
Recently, we were lucky enough to talk to our friend, Eva Hendrick, about dealing with the issues associated with acne. Eva is a licensed aesthetician with a clinical focus. She has experience with lasers, and is currently a pre-nursing major at Nashville State, working toward becoming a dermatology nurse. Specifically, we asked questions of Eva about our customers and employees who are dealing with acne and other skin issues. We asked about everything from dryness to oiliness, and we asked Eva for some product recommendations for each skin issue.
Eva admits that acne can be tricky. She recommends that everyone should find a skin regimen and then stick to it. Purging is normal once you have started a regimen, so stay with it, don’t give up. If you are religious about it, you should notice a complete difference in 3-6 months depending on the severity of the acne.
Dry skin, on the other hand, could be caused by several issues, which may originate internally, as well as externally. It is best to consult a medical professional to get a proper diagnosis. Stay hydrated, and always use a serum, a toner, and/or a moisturizer. Your doctor may end up suggesting Vitamin D3 2000/IU, which works wonders for dry skin!
If you get blemishes a great spot treatment will do the trick. After you have cleansed your face with a gentle cleanser designed for dry or sensitive skin, apply a small amount of spot treatment with a Q-tip, (not with your fingers) and let sit for a 1-2 minutes. Eva recommends doing any spot treatments at night for deeper penetration into the skin.
For oily, or acne prone skin, a water based foundation is always best. You can build coverage up as needed. Oiliness is caused by your sebaceous glands going into overdrive from not using the right moisturizer. So be sure to talk to a skin care specialist about what might be right for you.
There are some pretty amazing products that are available on the shelves at Frends Beauty. Here are some products from a few skin care lines that Eva recommends to help treat some of the skin issues mentioned in this article.

For Acne Prone Skin

For Oily Skin

Dry & Sensitive Skin

Eva Hendrick had excellent recommendations for many different types of skin issues. We want to thank Eva for taking the time to discuss this with us! Frends Beauty is always here to help you find the right combination of products to get you the skin you have been dreaming of! Come in today and talk with one of our experts.
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