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12 Pro Tips on Setting Under-eye Makeup Without Cracking

12 Pro Tips on Setting Under-eye Makeup Without Cracking
You spend time putting on your makeup. You pay close attention to the meticulous application of your favorite products. You're proud of your masterful technique, and flawless execution. Then later on in the day, the area under your eyes looks like a cracked, dry desert lake bed. So we asked some of our friends who are professional makeup artists for some tips on keeping the makeup on your under-eye area from cracking. Check it out!


1/12) One of my major peeves is heavy / cakey concealer. I buff it on using a dense rounded synthetic brush. I also prefer to use liquid concealers over creams. My favorite is the MUFE HD concealer, but I also surprisingly like the MAC pro longwear. They are both thin in texture while still providing great coverage. - Milene Miranda
2/12) For setting under-eye makeup without it caking or cracking tips - Apply a tiny amount of eye primer under the eye. Then, use a corrector under the eye prior to using the concealer. After that, use a small amount of concealer that is not too thick but has good pigmentation for good coverage. Last, set with loose powder (RCMA) using a damp beauty blender (smaller size). Use water or UD setting spray to damp the beauty blender. - Becky Lau
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3/12) Less is more when it comes to product under the eye. I like to use concealers that are emollient and also provide good coverage. My favorite is the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. I then set it with the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder. Setting the concealer takes the moisture out of the concealer and keeps it from creasing. Both the concealer and powder have light reflecting properties so they help the eye to look bright and youthful. - Margina Dennis
4/12) It's all about the skin prep before makeup. If you moisturize under the eye and let it sit and absorb, it won't be cakey or crack. I also don't use lots of product under the eyes, to avoid that from happening. - Necee Wilson
5/12) I make sure the area is hydrated well first. If I'm using a full coverage concealer, I sheer it down a smidgen with a facial oil so it spreads better and isn't so dry. Then I set with a light dusting of loose powder. If it's for a mature client, I spray the tip of a Beautyblender with setting spray and pat it in under the eye first, then apply a touch of powder on top, and go back with the setting spray. - Samantha Reese
6/12) I use an under-eye hydrator first and only apply concealer after foundation if it's needed. For anything under the eyes, a beauty blender is my go to! - Erin Spurgeon
7/12) I hydrate the under eye area with hydrating moisturizer, depending on the client and skin texture. Sometimes more or less. Since I do eye shadow first before anything, else I let it soak in that entire time. Once I start concealer, depending on how dry the skin is, I dab a very small amount of jojoba oil. I dab with my "clean" ring finger until I see the skin has absorbed the oil and the concealer looks flawless. Then I take Laura Mercier Brightening under eye powder and very lightly set it with a beauty blender, making sure the concealer never settled into the fine lines before setting. If the client has extremely dry skin I always spritz them with rose water or MAC's fix+. I've never had an issue after. Just make sure you use very little on all products. - Monica Clarke
8/12) I use very little under the eye. I like to use Embryolisse to hydrate skin first. Apply Face Atelier all over, and if more is required under the eye I use Cinema Secrets. Immediately I will set the area with Laura Mercier brightening powder using my damp beauty blender and let it set then brush any excess away. - Bernice Mansfield
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9/12) Hydrate under the eyes with a light eye cream, then apply a small amount of corrector if needed, and then a small amount of concealer. Right before I apply powder, I tend to use my finger to tap and blend the concealer into the skin because that helps the concealer blend in better and gets rid of any creases. Then I take a small brush and lightly dust powder under the eyes. - Andy Trieu
10/12) I use Mac's pro longwear concealer. It dries very fast and doesn't really need powder to set. - Paty Maciel
11/12) I have very baggy eyes and wrinkles starting and it always always cracks after a while no matter what I do. This actually really works! I wet my beauty blender squeeze out excess. Then I spray a little Urban Decay setting spray on it and blend the concealer with it. Game changer! I am not joking! I've been doing makeup for a long time. I used to only spray after I was done with everything. Now concealer does not budge or crack. - Yaffa Naomi Orlofsky-Ranells
12/12) Moisturizing is key. Under eye primer helps. - Lisa Pentangelo
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