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Need a Break From Foundation? Here's What You Can Do Instead

Need a Break From Foundation? Here's What You Can Do Instead

Even though we adore foundation, we have to admit that it's easy to fantasize about ditching it forever this time of year. Even the best setting sprays and powders can be no match for a hot, humid summer day. When we're on our commute home from work and our foundation has migrated to our necks, it's tempting to want to find an alternative.

Whether you want to ditch foundation forever or just give it a rest until autumn, there are some alternative strategies for getting the look your want without a heavy base.

Here are our two favorite tactics for skipping foundation while still looking great.

Tactic One: The Skincare Strategy

Why do you wear foundation? Is it because you love the feeling of covering your skin with a thick layer of goo? Probably not. Chances are that you wear foundation because you want to cover up your perceived imperfections. If you didn't have those imperfections, then you might not feel compelled to wear foundation in the first place.

Look, not every skin care issue can be completely eradicated with the right products, but they can make a significant difference. One of the biggest reasons why people don't see results with their skincare regimen is because they aren't consistent. It's not so much about what products you use, but rather whether or not you stick to your routine, morning and night, every day.

If you want to change the texture and tone of your skin, the best solution is going to be using a chemical exfoliant every night. This will help to fight blemishes and also to smooth fine lines. We swear by the Anthony High Performance Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum. It totally helps our skin to look brand new. Since glycolic acid products can be a bit harsh, follow up with a heavy-duty nighttime moisturizer, like K-Beauty gem Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack.

Tactic Two: Foundation Alternatives

If the idea of replacing makeup with skincare caused your heart to race nervously, don't worry. We totally relate. While "going natural" seems like a great idea for some people, makeup junkies aren't so great at ditching their beloved products. However, you can still ditch foundation, temporarily or permanently, in favor of some great alternatives.

Our favorite method for ditching foundation while still getting the coverage we want is to use a concealer to gently cover imperfections, and a tinted moisturizer to smooth out skin tone. This method gives us coverage while still allowing skin to feel like it can breathe. We get great coverage while feeling like we're wearing nothing at all. For an added dose of glow, finish off with a swipe of Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm, a gorgeous luminizer that makes us look like we're lit from within.

What do you like to use when you're taking a break from foundation? Let us know in the comments below.

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