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Is There a Correct Order to Follow When Applying Makeup?

Is There a Correct Order to Follow When Applying Makeup?

Whenever you watch a makeup tutorial on YouTube, it seems like the artist always follows the same routine: Concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer and blush, brows and eyes and then lipstick. While there's nothing wrong with this tried and true order of applying products, we need to dispel one huge makeup myth: This isn't the only way to do your makeup. There's not really such a thing as a right or wrong order to follow when applying makeup.

To help you get a new perspective on the order in which you apply your products, here are some of the products you're using now and some ideas on how you can switch up how you apply them.


How You Use It Now: As step one in your routine

How You Could Use It: After applying foundation

Remember, concealer is meant to "conceal." It's not meant to serve as a base for your foundation. If you want a more natural effect, only use concealer after you've applied foundation and only in places where you still need more coverage. If you feel like your skin is too uneven to just apply foundation to bare skin, then try a color-correcting primer to even out your skin tone. We love the Studio Perfect Primer from NYX Cosmetics.

Liquid Lipsticks

How You Use It Now: As the final step of your routine

How You Could Use It: After foundation, but before eyes

There's something very classic in the notion of applying lipstick as a final step in your makeup routine. To most of us, it signifies the process of getting ready as having come to an end. While we hate to break a truly glam tradition, we feel we must, particularly where the new crop of matte liquid lipsticks are concerned.

One of the issues that many women encounter when applying liquid lipstick after their eyeshadow is that they didn't take into account how the bold lip would juxtapose with their eye makeup. We're a fan of the either or rule when it comes to a bold eye look and a bold lip look. To get a perfect finish, try applying your liquid lip color before you do your eyes. It will ensure that your application isn't too heavy-handed and light enough to be worn with such a dramatic lip.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

How You Use It Now: After your foundation, powder and cheek color

How You Could Use It: Before your foundation, powder and cheek color

By now you've probably heard this tip, but in case you haven't, here it is: Always do your eyes first when you're working with dark, loose or glittery eye products. Even the best makeup artists experience a lot of these products falling onto the cheeks during application. If you apply these products before you do the rest of your face, you can wipe away any fallout with a makeup removing wipe and then proceed with your foundation and concealer.

What's your favorite order in which to apply the products you love? Let us know in the comments below.

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