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Get Perfect Lashes with this Mascara Routine

Get Perfect Lashes with this Mascara Routine
Ah, mascara. This must-have product can go from being your best friend to the bane of your existence in a matter of moments. Take the stress out of the equation with this simple routine designed to get you perfect, clump-free lashes every time.
Step 1 - Condition your Lashes: Properly prepare your eyelashes overnight by applying baby oil, moisturizer, Vaseline, or a specially formulated eyelash conditioner with a clean wand before heading to bed. Not only will this help keep your lashes in top shape, but it will also allow your mascara to go on smoother the next day.
Step 2 - Choose your Mascara: Eyelashes range broadly in terms of length, shape, and thickness. Thankfully, there is a mascara for basically every type of augmentation you might be looking for:
   - Length: Try a lengthening mascara with a wand that has thick bristles.
   - Volume: Look for the words “volumizing” or “thickening”, and use a wand with lots of bristles. 
   - Curl: You can play double duty here by choosing a mascara formula that will achieve one of your other desired effects, just make sure you use a curved brush to apply it.
   - Natural: Use a thinner brush with less bristles. 
   - Lasting: Waterproof mascara is great for ensuring your product doesn’t run or spot, but it can also damage lashes over time, so you shouldn’t use it everyday.
   - Color: Black is generally the way to go here, though if you have very light lashes we recommend using brown for day-to-day, natural looks, and going darker for extra drama and definition.
Step 3 - Curl your Lashes: Using an eyelash curler, lightly squeeze at the base of your lashes for 10 seconds, then repeat at the midsection and tips for an additional 10 seconds each. 
   - If you’re looking for extra hold, you can first heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer prior to using. 
   - Always curl your lashes before putting on mascara. Curling after applying can result in breakage.
Step 4 - Prime your Lashes: Primer will help your mascara stay longer, and also conditions dry lashes, keeping them healthy and happy. 
   - Wait at least 15-30 seconds before applying mascara after using primer to ensure that the color is not diluted.
Step 5 - Coat Wand and Remove Excess Product: Swirl the wand in the tube and then remove it. To remove excess product from your wand, scrape along the edge of the tube if necessary. 
   - You should never pump the wand, as this pushes air inside of the tube, causing the mascara to dry out faster.
   - If you are having issues with clumpy mascara, try placing the tube in a cup of hot water or heating it with a blow dryer before using it. This will make the mascara thinner and easier to apply.
Step 6 - Apply Base Coat: Starting at the roots, wiggle the brush back and forth and then lightly swipe outward in a zigzag motion over the rest of the lashes. Applying more mascara at the base and a lighter coat at the tips of the eyelashes helps maintain the curl and prevents the lashes from being weighed down.
   - To prevent spotting, try placing a business card or spoon below the lower lashes and above the upper lashes when applying mascara.
Step 7 - Apply Additional Coats as Needed: Add additional coats of mascara until you reach the desired volume, waiting 5-10 seconds between each coat in order to allow the mascara to dry. 
   - Alternate between your right and left eye when applying in order to keep things even.
Step 8 - Remove Mascara Before Bed: Using an eye makeup remover, remove all mascara and any other eye products at the end of the day. 
   - Sleeping with makeup on can cause eye infections, and the mascara itself can be very drying, which may damage your eyelashes.
Step 9 - Replace Mascara Every 3 Months: Mascara has about a three month shelf life before it dries out and is no longer usable. Even if it still seems functional, the nature of mascara makes it an ideal environment for bacteria, and its preservatives will only hold out for so long. It should be replaced regularly as much for safety as performance. 
   - Mascara wands are recyclable, and can be re-purposed for use in some of the previously mentioned steps. Just give it a thorough cleaning with makeup remover and you’re ready to go.
Have any other tips or tricks for getting perfect, healthy lashes? Share them with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.
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