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11 Tips for Experimenting With Makeup Colors for Beginners

11 Tips for Experimenting With Makeup Colors for Beginners

Makeup can sometimes be a little intimidating, especially when you are trying new things. Let's face it, the risk is real --- buying new products you may or may not like, wondering what other people will think of your new look, etc. One of the biggest questions in makeup is color! Specifically, graduating from a more nude, conservative look --- to a more bold, bright and colorful look. You don't have to take a leap of faith though! We asked some of our professional clients for some tips on experimenting with color. Check it out!


Tips For Experimenting With Colors

1/11) For bright lips, try a bright gloss instead of a bright opaque colored lip stick. For people not used to color on the lips, gloss is usually a little less intimidating. For eyes, try a simple wash of one color over the lids rather than trying to incorporate multiple colors. - Jacquee Meller-Vogt

2/11) Lipsticks are a great way to experiment with color. They add a small pop to a natural look without committing to a full day's wear. If you need to change it, just blot it off. Bright eyeliners are also a great pop. Super small and noncommittal. It won't overtake your entire look or make you look clownish. - Jessica Warburton

3/11) If you're new to using color in your makeup, start with colors you already lean towards in your wardrobe. Jewel tones are also a great way to transition from neutrals adding a subtle, sexy and colorful edge to your makeup. - Milene Miranda

4/11) Experimenting with color need not be intimidating. Find clever ways to incorporate fall shade trends to your makeup. My clients love when I add a smudge of liner to lower lashes or a wash of eyeshadow to the tear duct in an on-trend shade. Most women love to be on trend without being over the top. If lipstick is more your thing why not try a new color but stick to your favorite finish? It's adding something new without changing up the game completely. Since most makeup retailers offer makeup applications with purchase, stop in and try before you buy. That takes the fear out of cosmetics all together. - Bonnie Thomas

5/11) First and foremost it's makeup, if you don't like how it looks you can always take it off! Fall is a great transition season to still use those bronzy colors but to incorporate more depth to them. Try a brown smoky eye or try pairing a natural eye with a dark bold lipstick in a wine color. - Christian

6/11) Start light and build the color up. A lot of times people want to throw the color they see in the palette or eyeshadow straight on to the eye lid and try to have the same intensity that they see. However, those colors may not look good with your skin tone. If you start light and build the intensity you will see a good shade of green, for instance, that works for your complexion. - Lorin Cumberbatch

7/11) I love experimenting with color! If we're talking about eyes, more often than not I pair my pop of color with a neutral matte shade and a black eye liner. This combo makes almost any color instantly wearable and less scary! For instance, if I'm going wild with a bold blue on my lid, I'll blend it out with a taupe or medium brown shade to tone it down a notch. If I want to create a smokier effect, I'll add a matte black shadow in the "outer v" areas. As soon as I add my favorite black eye liner, I'm good to go. - Jacqueline Menconi

8/11) I would say one of the most important things to consider that hasn't already been mentioned would be to pick one feature to play with color with, and then go nude/neutral on the others, to avoid potentially looking clownish. So - if you are doing a brighter eye, do a softer cheek and light or nude lip. If it's a bright lip, softer cheek and browns/grays/tans on the eyes - you get the picture! - Mandie Mutchie

9/11) Try to use one colour per brush, so it won't end up looking dirty. And use a clean brush for blending. - Win Liu

10/11) I would say, make sure to keep it tight, don't go crazy outside of the crease, not until you know what you are doing. Also, start with the eye makeup first, so you don't freak out from the colorful fallout. And don't think that everything has to match - pink shadow / pink lips / pink dress / pink shoes. Oh and never experiment when you are in a rush to go! The universe will make sure to get you for being too brave. - Hanny Eisen

11/11) My pro tip is to add color on eye lid. It gives an easy application and a peak of color. Just over the ball of your eye. Blending into a transition color. If you're wanting to be a tad more daring, blending a color through the crease with a large blending brush will still give you a pop of color. - Tami Krebs

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