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Embrace Your Freckles, and How to Fake Them With Makeup if You're Lacking

Embrace Your Freckles, and How to Fake Them With Makeup if You're Lacking

Are you blessed with a sprinkle of freckles across your cheeks and nose? It wasn't always considered a blessing, but now more than ever we're all embracing the skin we're in. 

Read on and learn how to let your freckles shine (or create some if you're lacking!). 

Correctly Match Your Foundation

Finding the correct foundation color can be tricky with freckles; do you go by the freckles themselves or the skin in between? We see lots of people try the former, but matching foundation to your freckles results in your face being darker than your neck - not very natural!

To avoid the mask phenomenon, you'll want to find a shade in between. You want something that's a little lighter than your freckles, but a little darker than the skin underneath. If you have too many freckles to really differentiate, take a step back and get a big-picture look. What is the general tone of your face and neck? Go with that. 

Ditch the Heavy Foundation

Want to avoid matching foundation altogether? Go bare! Dress up the rest of your face (we love a good fluttery lash line) and let your freckles do their thing.

Not ready for that quite yet? Then at least try a lighter formula like a tinted moisturizer or mineral powder. A heavy foundation will only mask and muddy your freckles. 

Concealer Only

Another option if you're nervous to go without foundation is concealer. Not concealer on top of anything, but concealer only. This way, you can still cover what you need to and let your freckles remain the spotlight.

If you're doing this, it's extra important to make sure the shade is right. If it's too light or too dark, you'll end up with raccoon eyes and weird splotches. Also remember to use sparingly - it's not foundation!

Blush Or Bronzer?

If we had to choose one for freckled beauties, we'd pick blush. A nice pink or peach adds a sweet, clean contrast against the tan freckles.

Don't worry, we're not telling you to put away your bronzer palette. You can still use it, we just advise that you apply lightly. Anything too heavy or dark will blend in with your freckles and muddy up your skin.

So if you're going to use bronzer, be sure to grab your big, fluffy brush and go lighter than you normally would.

Fill Them In

Freckles tend to fade in the winter time, but you don't have to go tanning to refresh them. Just grab your brow pencil and apply lightly over your freckles; it's a great way to deepen your freckles while still looking natural.

No Freckles? No Worries! Here's How to Create Your Own: 

If you're envious of those freckled beauties, you can create your own at home. It might sound intimidating, but it's really easy!

To begin, do your makeup as you normally would; You'll apply freckles last to avoid any smudging or covering up. The only thing you might apply over the freckles is your blush. Do this if you want a more subtle freckle. Otherwise, apply the freckles over your blush.

Once you're done with the rest of the canvas, you'll need your tool of choice. You can go a few different ways here: a waterproof brow product, waterproof eyeliner or special FX makeup. We've had success with all 3 being long-lasting and natural-looking, so it's your preference here.

As far as the color goes, choose one that's about 2 shades lighter than your hair color. To make it look even more natural, you can use 2 different shades. 

To apply, use the tip of your product or brush and simply dot across your face, concentrating more around the nose and upper cheeks. Make sure to include a few on your eyelids, too. The amount is really up to you - add a lot or add a few. 

Don't worry about getting the spots too perfect; That would just look unnatural. Embrace the imperfection and enjoy a more natural look. If you're worried about them rubbing off, you can always apply a makeup setting spray when you're done. Just be sure to use a fine mist to avoid initial smudging. 

Sunless Tanner

Another interesting way to create freckles is with a sunless tanner product. A fast-drying spray or mousse works well for this one.

Start with a clean canvas to minimize oily interference - that means freshly washed and no moisturizer or other products. Next, pour a small amount of the sunless tanner into a dish. Dip a fine-tipped brush into the product and lightly apply across your face, re-applying product when needed. 

Be sure to vary the shape and size for as natural a look as possible. You can also achieve this by lightly pressing on some of them after you're done; This will spread some of them out and give them varying shapes and darkness.

Once you're all freckled up, let it dry thoroughly and you're all set! Be sure to avoid exfoliating if you want them to last more than a couple of days. If you're careful, these freckles will last a good week or so. 

Whether you have a natural sprinkle across your cheeks or you drew it on with special FX makeup, we can all agree that freckles are beautiful. Embrace the skin you have and let your unique beauty shine through!

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