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Creating the Perfect Vanity Space on Any Budget

Creating the Perfect Vanity Space on Any Budget
Who doesn't dream of having a gorgeous vanity, similar to those seen in glamorous old movies or YouTube makeup videos? If you're on a budget and working from a beauty supply case on your bathroom sink, then the perfect vanity of your dreams might seem out of your reach. However, there is a vanity for just about any budget.
Here's how to create your perfect vanity space, no matter how much money you have to spend on the project.

Limited Budget

What You Want: A simple setup that will upgrade your makeup game from bathroom sink to actual vanity.

How To Get It: It's time to stretch your thrift shop muscles and up your DIY game.

Just because you don't have hundreds of dollars to drop at a home decor store doesn't mean that you can't get the vanity you want. First, see if your current dresser top could double as a vanity space and if not, start scouring thrift shops and garage sales. If you can't find a vanity, look for a desk. Don't worry about whether or not it's the right color and finish; you can upgrade any piece of old furniture with a coat of paint in a shade you like.
If your vanity doesn't come with a mirror, just look for one separately. For lights, try a few strands of string lights wrapped around the mirror. When it comes to setting up your vanity on a budget, thrift and discount stores are your friend.

Medium Budget

What You Want: You already have a vanity, but you want to invest a little money in sprucing it up.

How To Get It: Instead of spending a ton of money on a new vanity, spruce up what you already have.

You're not still applying your makeup over the bathroom sink, but your current vanity is in need of some TLC. Take a cue from our advice for limited budgets and hit the hardware store. New paint and new drawer pulls can do amazing things for any old vanity or desk. Hit the home decor stores for mirrored trays, lit cosmetic mirrors and acrylic makeup brush organizers to give your new and improved vanity a glam finish.

Unlimited Budget

What You Want: You've saved your cash and now you want the vanity of your dreams.

How To Get It: Don't just invest in great furniture. Have new light fixtures installed as well.

One component of all vanities that inspire us to exclaim "goals" is that the lighting game is next-level. If you have an unlimited budget, have vanity lights permanently installed around your mirror. Not everyone can afford to have ideal lighting, but great lighting is cornerstone to any good makeup application. Professionally installed lighting is the best way to get the perfect vanity space.

Get A Professional Vanity At Frends

Speaking of professional lighting, we've teamed up with our friends at The Makeup Light to offer an amazing out-of-box solution for mirror and lighting. CLICK HERE or the image below to check it out now!

Do you love your vanity space? We want to see it! Leave links to pictures of your vanity spaces in the comments. As always, we want to help you fill your vanity with the products you love. Join Frends Beauty today to save 10 percent on your first order.
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