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Creating the Perfect Eyeshadow for Your Eye Shape

Creating the Perfect Eyeshadow for Your Eye Shape


This eye shape is characterized by its lack of a (or a very small) crease. This might sound like a negative, but it also means there's more lid space to play with.

For this shape, apply a light shade of shadow across the entire lid. To create the illusion of a crease, apply a medium shade where the crease would be and blend. Line the upper lash line only in a dark shade to really define the eye.

Bonus tip: Blend the eyeliner upward to create more definition and open the eye. A light sweeping of a light, shimmery shade across the brow bone does this too.


Similar to monolid eyes, hooded eyes don't have much of a visible crease. The difference is that this type also has less of a visible lid. 

Because the brow bone is more pronounced, it doesn't need much highlighting. Instead, apply a light shadow on the inner corners of the eyes - that's all the highlighting you need. Then apply a medium color to the lid and a darker shade around where the crease would be. This gives the illusion of a rounder eye and creates depth. Extend the eyeliner just a little past the eye to create balance for this look. 

Bonus tip: If you're going for a smoky eye, play up the lower lash line to balance out the pronounced brow bone. 


You can tell your eye shape is round if you can see the whites of your eyes around your irises - and if you've heard you have big eyes your whole life. Lucky you, you always look awake and don't need makeup to fake it!

The eyeshadow technique for this shape is the one most of us learned when we discovered how to really put on shadow. You start with applying eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer, either in a straight line or ending in a slight cat-eye effect. 

Next, highlight the brow bone and inner corners with a light eye shadow. Your next step is to apply a medium eye shadow across your lid and a darker color in the crease. Blend like crazy and voila! Instant balance and depth. 

Bonus tip: Draw extra attention to the outer corners with extra mascara to draw out the eye and create more length and balance.

Deep Set

If your brow bone sticks out a bit over your eyelids, you likely have deep set eyes. To prevent a sunken, drab look you'll want to avoid super dark shades and create dimension with different tones.

To achieve this, apply a light shadow on the inner corner of the lid and a darker shade on the outside - use the middle to blend. Then add a warm shade just under the brow bone.

For eyeliner, the thickest part should be on the outer edges. Mascara should be applied to top lashes only, as applying on the bottom could cast additional shadows. Remember, you want to keep it light!

Bonus tip: To bring extra light to the eyes, try shadows with metallic or satin finishes. 

Close Set

The trick with this type is to create the illusion of more space between the eyes. To do this, start with highlighting the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone. Use a medium shade on the lid and bring it a little past the outer corners of the eyes in a round shape. 

From here, use a darker shade in the outer crease to create more contrast. Eyeliner should start at the middle of the eyes and extend out slightly beyond your eye - this really helps with the illusion of bringing those eyes apart.

Bonus tip: Apply extra mascara to the outer corners to enhance the space-creating effect!

Wide Set

To draw the eyes closer together, you'll want to reverse the technique for close set eyes and keep the darker colors on the inside, lighter on the outside. 

Avoid blending too much on the outer corners, as this just creates more space between the eyes. You'll also want to avoid the light eye shadow in the inner corners for this same reason.

Bonus tip: To draw the eyes together even more, try elongating your brows (just a little!) at the inner corners.

Almond Shaped

This is considered the most versatile eye shape, as it is symmetrical and works with just about any look you want to try. So if this is you, you're lucky!

For your best everyday look, use a light shade across the entire lid and add depth with a medium shade in the outer corner. Eyeliner can be used on both the upper and lower lashes. 

Bonus tip: To create the illusion of bigger eyes, line the upper lashes only!

If you're wondering what brand of shadow to try, Viseart makeup is one of our favorites. Their shadows have incredible pigmentation, so the colors show up just like you want them to. 

Differences in eye shape are one of the many things that make us beautiful. With these easy techniques, you can appreciate what your unique shape has to offer by downplaying what you don't love and accentuating what you do.

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