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Choosing the Right Brow Color to Complement Your Hair Color

Choosing the Right Brow Color to Complement Your Hair Color

We all know that brow shape can make or break your face; have you ever considered brow color? The wrong color can look unnatural and throw off the rest of your look, especially if it doesn’t jive with your hair color. Avoid this problem by trying these easy tips to find your perfect brow color:

Beautiful Brunettes
You brunette ladies have it easy in the brow department - there are more than enough shades to choose from! Our best advice is to try to match your natural brow shade as closely as possible. Too light is better than too dark, as the latter can look way harsh.

If you're having a hard time finding the right shade, try two! Choose the two closest shades you can find and use them both at once. Sure, it's an extra expense, but your brows are important! Just alternate shades and try the darker one near the arch for real pop and definition.

Also consider your undertone. Whether you're warm, cool or neutral, your brow shade should match.


Bold Blondes
Blondes might have more fun, but they also have trouble getting visible brows. Thankfully, with the right products in the right shades, this is easily fixed. If you're a natural blonde with fair brows, you can use a slightly darker shade to define. Notice we said slightly - you don't want it too dark, or it will look unnatural and harsh.

If you're going from brunette to blonde, however, do not try bleaching your brows to match! A) It's super time-consuming and B) You're not fooling anyone. No matter how often you touch up, at some point you're going to see roots and it is not pretty. Plus, bleach by the eyes? Not our favorite.

Product-wise, a gel/pencil combo is great for blondes. The gel defines, which is important with hard-to-see blonde brows, and the pencil fills in the rest. One of our favorite gels is the Anastasia brow wiz. It defines, holds and makes brows look fuller - a winner in our book!


Rock it, Redheads!
You might think redheads would have a hard time finding a match for their brows, but it's really pretty easy. Usually, natural redheads don't have red brows, so nix trying to find a red pencil to match your hair. Instead, go by your natural brow color. If you're a warmer shade of red, you'll do well with just a hint of copper, while cooler redheads should try a rich brunette shade. Choosing the right brow color can do wonders for your look. With these simple tips, it doesn't have to be intimidating!



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