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7 Makeup Artist Tips From the Pros

7 Makeup Artist Tips From the Pros

Whether you're just getting started or are an industry pro, we can all learn from each other. Here are some of our favorite makeup artist tips: 

Lighten Up With the Right Primer

If your skin is looking dull these days, try a peach or apricot toned primer to brighten things up. It counteracts blueish dark circles, too.

Powder After Primer

You've probably heard that you should apply finishing powder last, but we've actually found that a fine dusting between primer and foundation really makes your makeup last all day.

Just make sure it's a fine dusting, otherwise your foundation will go on cakey and thick.

Too Much Powder? No Problem

We've all been too heavy-handed with the powder at some point, leaving us looking ghostly and way too matte. Thankfully, there's an easy fix. 

Simply mist your face with a little bit of water, then roll a damp makeup sponge over your face. It picks up the excess powder without disturbing the foundation.

Blush Before Foundation

We know, we're breaking all the rules today. But before you knock it, try it! Applying blush underneath foundation gives you a nice, soft flush.

Another way to amp up your blush is to use 2 different shades. A nice pink should go on the apples of your cheeks and a soft peach or coral on the upper part of the cheekbones. This mimics your natural flush. 

Simplify Your Cat-Eye

Having trouble getting the perfect cat-eye flick? Try applying mascara first. The outer fan of lashes will provide a natural guide for your cat eye.

Use Quality Products

You can use the best makeup techniques in the industry, but it won't matter if the product itself isn't high quality. High quality can mean the difference between a vaguely purple eye shadow and a vibrant, long-lasting plum shade, so it really does matter.

One of our favorite brands is Skin Illustrator makeup. They have incredible palettes with long-lasting color in every combination you need. 

Don’t Forget Quality Brushes Too

Without quality brushes to apply it, high quality makeup can still look mediocre. That's why it's so important to invest in good brushes. Make sure they're high quality and you'll see a definite difference in your makeup application.

There are 8 basic brushes you need: 

  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Fluffy powder brush
  • Blush brush
  • Small blending brush
  • Flat eye shadow brush
  • Angle brush
  • Lip brush

Setting Spray

Lastly, you will love a good setting spray! Setting spray adds a fine layer of coverage to keep your makeup lasting all day long (even through a tough workout!). We recommend lightly spraying in a T and an X formation about 8" away from your face, after all your makeup has been applied. Lightly fan your face with your hands until your face is dry. (Pro tip: lightly spray an additional layer of setting spray and let dry before applying your makeup primer too, and your makeup will for sure last all day...and maybe even all night.) Our favorite setting sprays are Skindinavia's Oil Control Setting Spray and Skin Illustrator's Blue Marble SeLr. Both are water based and lightweight enough to not notice you are wearing them, while still extremely durable and keep your makeup intact.

You don't have to go to beauty school to apply makeup like the pros. With these simple tips, you can rock a red-carpet-worthy look every day.

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