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6 Ways to Get Experience As a Makeup Artist

6 Ways to Get Experience As a Makeup Artist

So you want to be a professional makeup artist, huh? Beyond paying for a formal education, building a kit that will ensure you're ready for any client or occasion can be a bit of an investment. This is especially true if you have a preference for prestige brands, such as RCMA makeup.

The good news? When it comes to getting experience, you won't need to pay a single red cent. To help you find new ways to improve your craft, here are six ways to get experience as a makeup artist.

1. Make Photographer Friends
The trajectory towards becoming a professional photographer and becoming a professional makeup artist aren't all that different. You need some training and you need some experience, but above all, you need to build a portfolio. This is where it can be a good idea to befriend a photographer who's in the same stage of their career as you are. Offer your services for free in exchange for the image files to use for your own portfolio. This is commonly known as TFP which means trade for press, trade for print, trade for photos, or time for (the aforementioned).

2. Recruit Your Friends
Your friends will always be down for a free makeover. Who wouldn’t be! Make your friends aware that you're always up for giving them a free service before they go out or before they have a big event. And if they get asked who did their makeup, they’ll sing your praises and your reputation will start to spread.

3. Get Online
Whether it's through your own YouTube channel, an Instagram account or a blog, joining an online community where you can practice your skills and interact with other makeup lovers is a fantastic way to hone your craft. You'll also learn as you go, improve your technique and build your reputation as an authority in the industry.

4. Practice On Yourself
You don't need a place to go for an excuse to do your makeup. When you have some down time, ditch the Netflix and the couch and sit down in front of a mirror. Practicing on yourself is a simple but effective way to get experience and improve your skills.

5. Always Be Ready With a Business Card
Even if you're brand new in your career, have a business card. Whenever you meet new people, let them know that you are a makeup artist who is new to the industry and looking to build your portfolio. There are many people, such as brides on a budget, who are desperate for an inexpensive or free makeup artist. Any good businessperson knows that every interaction is a potential for a new professional connection to be made.

6. Complete an Internship or Apprenticeship
No one likes working for free, but sometimes in order to advance your career or gain the experience needed to take that next step as a makeup artist, it’s necessary. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find an internship that pays. Bonus! A great many professional makeup artists who have amazing careers will tell you that assisting a senior artist is where they learned the most about the business, and attribute it as one of the most important steps in building their career.

As a future makeup artist, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to hone your skill, build your resume and make new industry connections. In the meanwhile, make sure to come to us as you're building your makeup arsenal. Join Frends Beauty today to save 10% on your first purchase.


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