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3 Makeup Tips For Putting Your Best Face Forward for Photos

3 Makeup Tips For Putting Your Best Face Forward for Photos

We've all experienced this classic Instagram blunder: Our makeup looks positively fabulous in the mirror, but when we see ourselves in photos, everything looks wrong.

This doesn't happen because you aren't as good at doing your makeup as you think you are. Rather, it's because you might not be aware of the makeup techniques that are necessary to ensure that you look your absolute best when take a photo or selfie.

Here are some classic issues that people have with their photos and how you can do your makeup to prevent them from happening to you.

Your Face and Neck Come Out Looking Two Different Shades

The camera has a tendency to catch subtle color differences that the eye can't pick up. While your face and neck might appear to be the same color in person, the camera can often reveal that they are in fact a half shade or so different. To avoid this, use a foundation or concealer palette to custom blend your own perfect base shade. We love the Kehoe Palette from RCMA Cosmetics.

A Strange White Cast On Your Face.

The notion behind using foundations and concealers that contain SPF is a good one. After all, I think most of us like the idea of getting our sun protection from our makeup, and avoid having to wear a separate sunscreen product. While it's a good idea in theory, it's not so good in practice. The chemicals in most SPF foundations tend to cause our complexions to show up as white in photos.
When you're going out at night, avoid SPF altogether. After all, you don't need it when the sun's not shining. During the day, use a regular old sunscreen and then use a non-SPF foundation.

The White Cast On Your Face Is So Bad It Looks Like Someone Threw Flour On Your Face.

You've probably seen HD finishing powders. They're finely milled white powders that seem to completely melt into your skin upon application. These powders contain one ingredient, mica. And while mica is great for creating a pore-free finish and has risen to popularity as a finishing powder for on-camera actors, when you photograph mica with a flash, the white powder is completely visible.
Ditch mica-based finishing powders and instead use a finishing powder in the same hue as your skin tone if you want to look fabulous in flash photography. Or be sure to ditch the flash. The only exemption should be if you're going to be filmed on video. This is when using an HD finishing powder is recommended to get a flawless finish on and off camera.

If you follow these tips, you'll look positively perfect for any photo. Let us know in the comments what your favorite on-camera makeup tricks are. As always, join Frends Beauty today to be kept in the loop about all the newest makeup tips and tricks.

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