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15 Pro Tips On Wearing Makeup with Glasses

15 Pro Tips On Wearing Makeup with Glasses
You know those makeup malfunctions you get where the nose pads on your glasses rest on your nose? Those unsightly, annoying indentations and smudges that result from perhaps too much makeup, unsealed makeup, or simply bad luck?
1/15) Very thin layers on the nose. Prime your nose with something with full coverage but thin layers. The build up slips more easily. - Miranda Riddle
2/15) Making sure to sanitize the glasses where they touch your face...bacteria build up = breakouts. - Eva Hendrick LE
3/15) I use mattifying product on the bridge - helps grip the nose pads. - Stephanie Cozart-Burton
4/15) Powder and set the area where the glasses touch. Problem solved! - Julie Park
5/15) Thin layer of product on the bridge of the nose, set with colorless setting powder. - Christy Lavallee
6/15) Definitely less product on the nose area and false lashes to help add drama to the eye. Also, this is more of a fashion tip, but find frames that don't have nose pads. I have square rimmed frames (I'm guessing made of plastic) and I never have the issues on my nose with makeup coming off like I did when I had glasses that came with nose pads. There are so many great styles without those little buggers and if they fit well, you won't need them. - Kate Jordan
7/15) Makeup for those wearing glasses is a bit different than those without glasses. Why? Because there are two types of prescriptions: Myopia (nearsighted) and Hyperopia (farsighted). When you're doing makeup on someone who is nearsighted the lenses will make the eyes appear smaller, where someone is farsighted then the lenses will make the eyes look bigger. Then there are those who have one eye that's nearsighted or farsighted and the other the opposite or even normal and as such one eye may appear larger or smaller than the opposite eye.
For those with that type of eyesight the normal tricks to make eyes look larger or smaller can still work but it takes practice to get it to balance. A lesson with an experienced makeup artist may help because the other thing to take into consideration is that when you're doing your own makeup in the mirror, you have to take the distance to the mirror into consideration. It's always best to do one eye first then the other eye if you have this type of condition. - Yasmin Kalish
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8/15) When I wore glasses I felt like they made my eye makeup seem to disappear. So you're going to need to make it slightly more dramatic for it to read the way you want it to, especially in pictures. - Rachel Lisa-Bach
9/15) Eyeshadow primer, powder up the nose piece part. This helps but next to blood, sweat, and tears, glasses will always win. If they have high cheeks and the glasses touch I would do the same thing. Very little helps with the wear and tear of glasses on the makeup. - Priscilla Verni-Chakmakian
10/15) Applying a thin layer of powder (like RCMA no color powder) will prevent those pesky dents on the sides of your nose. Then when you take off your glasses just gently tab the excess powder away. - Brittany Heim
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11/15) Use eye primer on that area only! - Chantee Marie Willis
12/15) If you must wear makeup there, I like to carry blotting sheets and powder. As a lifelong glasses nerd, there's not much you can do about it. Even a thin layer will make spots. - Jessica Page Warburton
13/15) Use contacts. Problem solved. You're welcome. - Michelle Jack
14/15) Less makeup in the area the glasses rest. And make sure you have glasses that properly fit. My new ones fit very well compared to my old ones. - Nicol Delk
15/15) I have this issue all the time, personally. To remedy, I simply do not put makeup in that area anymore. - Jacqueline Menconi
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