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More Makeup Mishaps!

More Makeup Mishaps!

1/10) My NYX setting spray is in a very similar spray bottle to my hair oil. Multiple times I have sprayed setting spray into my hair. On one occasion I sprayed my hair oil onto my completed full face. I had to start again. -S.S.

2/10) Not me, but this reminds me of something my mom just did... My aunt got my mom Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer as a gift, and it's like $50 a bottle. I walked in on her getting ready for bed the other day and we were talking when washed her face to take off her makeup. Then she reached for the primer and put it on under her eyes. I asked what she was doing and she had been using it for months as an overnight under-eye cream :/ -A.N.

3/10) I didn't really get into make up until I was in high school and filling in your brows was the thing to do. So, because I had black hair, I thought black was the appropriate color to use on my brows. I would use this cheap black wet'n'wild MASCARA to fill in my brows! I would simply just run the wand through my brows and shape them at the same time. I thought it looked amazing! I honestly thought I looked like Elizabeth Taylor and I swore up and down that I had the best brows at school. Boy, was I wrong. When my trusty mascara had run out I moved onto the 99 cent wet'n'wild black eye pencils and used that to fill in my brows. Again, I thought I was the queen of brows. I don't remember the exact point when I learned I had been so wrong all that time, but I'm proud to say I no longer do that. I have finally learned what really works well and looks good! -P.R.

4/10) I had done a blue face look for comic con and I used a very dark haired brush. Fast forward a couple days and I forgot I had used that brush for blue and used it for my setting powder. I have a picture of the aftermath somewhere. it was awful. -O.S.

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5/10) Back in high school I used to wear foundation that was a few shades too dark for me. I would buy the lightest shade available at the drugstore and when it looked orange on me I just assumed there was something wrong with my skin/face since it was the lightest shade available. I'd have to put foundation on my neck down to my chest so I didn't have a noticeable orange line. It wasn't until years later in university when I learned that lighter shades exist at places like MAC and Sephora. It was great for my face, not so great for my wallet. -L.P.

6/10) At 17, in a hurry to get ready for a pool party, I was squeezing my eyelash curler so tight, and moved on to the other eye without opening up the curler. Needless to say, I ripped off half my eyelashes that day. Without access to false lashes, I tried drawing extra liner on the edge of my lid hoping no one would notice. Thank goodness they all grew back...but after all these years, I'm still weary of the lash curler! -K.H.

7/10) I used to only spot conceal my acne before realizing it would look a hell of a lot better if I used the foundation on my ENTIRE face. -M.D.

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8/10) Bright lavender cream eyeshadow all the way up the brows. In freshman year of high school. Not even kidding. My best friend saw me get off the bus and flew over screaming, "Oh my GOD you don't do it like that!!" and immediately wiped most of it off so I didn't look INSANE for the day. -C.S.

9/10) I did this the other day, on a smaller scale. I went to put some highlight on my brow and picked a fluffy eye brush to do it with for some reason. I forgot that I'd used that brush the day before to do a purple eye look and ended up with purple all under my brow! -N.N.

10/10) In high school I would apply eyeshadow with the included sponge tip applicator. No blending what so ever and no primer for my very oily lids. At the end of the day my eyeshadow was an oily mess! Lol -B.D.

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