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Makeup Confessions

Makeup Confessions
Every once in a while, tucked away in the office, while pretending to be working...someone will be cruising through Reddit. What originates as an act of defience à la 'I'm going to sit here and read stuff online while being paid!', turns into 'ok so I had intended to just look busy...but there is actually some gold in here and I can turn this into a piece of content that'll make Frends Beauty customers laugh.'



Sigh. So we failed at not working while working, but we won at making you laugh on!
Check out some of these Redditors makeup confessions!
1/16) When I get packages in the mail, I pretend it's books for my dissertation, but 99% of the time it's make-up or nail polish. - thrwawayyayyay
2/16) I don't use makeup remover. If I make a (small) mistake...I wet a q-tip in my mouth. Heh...ehhhh... - pneumaticgauntlet
3/16) All liquid face products I apply with my fingers; primer, foundation, concealer, etc. - msgordy
4/16)  I don't like to match my lipstick tone and blush tone. Also the whole thing that says you can't wear dramatic lips with dramatic eyes is completely ignored by me. When I'm wearing make up, I'm wearing all the fun stuff! - quaereverumm
5/16) I like to do my makeup naked. I wipe excess eye shadow onto my legs.weeblewop
6/16) I'm a sucker for packaging. I might honestly pick a mediocre product with a fancy package over a great product with modest packaging. I'm still new though... - mrs_teddars
7/16) I just threw away some makeup that I have had for over a decade, but I didn't throw all of my old makeup out. - 09sthr
8/16) I think I am more addicted to the products themselves than actually wearing make up. - seasicksquid
9/16) I live my life around my lipstick. I have started drinking everything through straws (even hot coffee), and have devised a complex method of eating my morning yogurt (which I have at work after I've already put my lipstick on at home) where no food or spoon actually touches my lips. If I go out to eat with lipstick on (which I usually do), sometimes I will pick something that can easily be eaten in small, chopped up bites rather than something that's hard to eat without messing up my lipstick (like salad, soup, etc.). I know I can just reapply when I'm done eating, but I hate to think that I'll look patchy and weird mid-meal, and also hate the idea of taking off my lipstick before I eat.
I live my lifearound my lipstick 2
People all the time talk about lipsticks that last them through eating sandwiches and other lipstick-shredding foods, and I DON'T GET IT. I buy those same products...all those stains, long wear lipsticks, etc., etc., and they never even remotely work for me through a meal like that. Never. I must eat like an animal. - donaisabelle
10/16) I've wiped excess makeup on my dad's two dogs...and my three year old neice. I go to work early sometimes and do my makeup in my office because the lighting is better. - anonymous
11/16) I carry more makeup in my purse than I would ever use in an entire day. - futuremrsdowneyjr
12/16) I love to just put makeup on and take it off five minutes later to try another look. - esmetio
13/16) I have nice brushes, but a lot of the time I just use my fingers. - holden_cauliflower
14/16) I switch between having makeup sent to my office and my house so that no one knows for sure how much makeup I buy. - ceecee221b
15/16) I use my dog to blot my lipstick. - anonymous
16/16) I only do my makeup when I'm sad, angry, or there's a special event coming up. I have all these great products, and I just never wear them. - babehashiccups
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