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10 More Makeup Artist Horror Stories

10 More Makeup Artist Horror Stories

So we laughed so hard compiling part one of Makeup Artist Horror Stories, that we had to make a part two. We still can't believe this stuff. Be forewarned...hilarity has struck again!

1/10) When I first started out doing freelance work I was doing makeup for a bride who was also a friend of mine. We got to chatting and I got a little distracted and when I was done I noticed something just wasn't quite right about her eyes. It wasn't until she was headed out the door that I realized that I had put her lashes on backwards so the longest lashes were on the inner corners of her eyes making her look like she was in a constant state of mild confusion. - AM

2/10) The last time I worked a paid wedding, 10 years ago (I still gift bridal makeup to close friends and family, if I am attending the wedding), I was makeup to my friend Courtney's hair, at a historic mansion/venue. We were doing hair and makeup for a small bridal party, in a luxurious suite, filled with antique furniture and art. I finished before Courtney, and as she was touching up the bride's hair, one of the bridesmaids handed me a bottle of champagne, and asked me to open it, while she grabbed glasses. I was worried about damaging furniture or art, and angled the bottle towards an empty corner wall....just as the cork popped, it ricocheted off the wall, and hit the 4 year old flower girl, right between the eyes. I was able to calm her, and nobody was mad, but I was hindsight, that $#!% was $%#&!@# hilarious. - AC

3/10) I was once doing a movie that was filming at a Southern California beach. I showed up for my 5:30 am call. The actress came in, and to my absolute horror, had JUST had a full face chemical peel. Her face looked like she had gone bobbing for french fries. I asked her what the hell she was thinking. She apologized profusely saying she thought it would have healed by then. She had it done two days previously. Every single foundation was literally sliding off her skin. Plus we were going to be shooting outside at the beach all day. I ended up using Dinair on her as a base and carefully patching her face like you would drywall, lol. It was constant maintenance and a total nightmare!!! - AT

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4/10) I was doing the brides makeup with her Mom and Dad in the kitchen with us. The mother of the bride was trying to tell me how to do my job when the father told her to stop telling the professional MUA how to do her job. She then got really ignorant with him and asked him if he had his morning poop yet!!! The bride was horrified and started yelling at her mom and started to cry. I whispered in her ear we were moving to her bedroom and her mom and dad were banned from coming in. Hilarious now. But I learned a good parents allowed! Lol - PG

5/10) When I was about 16 I decided that for Halloween I was going to be a dead cheerleader. Mind you, this was circa 1992, so there was no internet. I wanted to make my throat look like it was slashed, so I used a combo of rubber cement for texture, and red nail polish for blood. The texture actually looked pretty decent...but after a couple of hours at school my throat started to itch and HELL. I was too cool to run to the bathroom or the nurse, so I just sucked it up. Guess who gave them self a bitchin' chemical burn??? And I had a nice scab and even a scar for about a year afterwards .#WayToGoMcGyver - RL

6/10) The first wedding I ever did, was for my Pastors daughter, and I really wanted to do a good job - and find out if it was the right path for me. I throughly prepared everything and was allowed to work in a local salon alongside the stylists. I had nine people to do, nine - on my first time! I tried my heart out, but my shaking hands must've dropped brushes on the FLOOR 8 billion times. I thought the owner was going to twitch out of skin, omg. I cringe thinking of it.

But, everyone looked amazing, we made the country club on time and the ceremony started. Then the maid of honor locked her knees next the alter and went down hard. Stop everything! Suddently, the sunny day on the terrace turned, we had what the weather service called a "microburst". Golf carts crashing and flying by, tables smashing and cartwheeling, and the massive transformer on the telephone pole blew up in an explosion of sparks. No power, no food, no light. I rushed to my bride, she somehow held together, we lit the entire venue by candle, pulled the photographers cars speakers into the hall and it was the most intimate, romantic ceremony ever. They are still happily married, and the pictures of me touching her up and reassuring of how amazing her memories would be are my favorite. - EM

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7/10) My worst was doing liquid liner on someone who was going to be performing. She had very little eyelashes and I admit I had too much liquid liner on my brush. She's sitting there all calm and says her eyes kind of tickled. Out of nowhere I see a black tear run down her cheek. She's opens here eyes and everything is BLACK. She screams "I CANT SEE! I'm blind!!!!" I just grabbed a tissue and said blink it out honey, blink it out! Lol. - EB

8/10) I also once had a model sneeze in my face. Yeah, SNEEZE in my face. Thank god my mouth was closed. And she just gave me this incredulous look and said "uups!" Not "Sorry!" Not "I apologize." Not even a "My bad." Nothing but "uups!" I was like "um, pay me I'm leaving". - NH

9/10) Once while on a film shoot in the middle of nowhere, population 2400, VA, I had a few grips decide to move my work table...without asking me or taking the products off first. I look over, and in slow motion I see them tilt the table and all of my makeup fall to the wood floor and shatter. It was pretty much my entire kit. I lost all of my eyeshadow, blush, and powder. And the closest store that sold anything was like 3 hours away. So I had to dig out my personal makeup bag and try to do continuity out of that. Apparently the grips said I looked like my face was going to explode, so neither of them could even approach me for days to apologize. - RL

10/10) I once went in to do liner after already doing all of her face makeup without realizing I had black shadow on my hand. Black was smeared all down her face! - MB

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