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10 On-set Nightmares

10 On-set Nightmares

Working on the set of a professional film or television show can be fun, interesting, and adventurous. Though sometimes not in a very good way. Here are 10 on-set nightmare stories that capture the less than glamorous side of the industry. Enjoy!

1/10.   They Didn't Ask How I Made It
They told me I needed to make fake poop, and I did, and then they told me it was too realistic. - M.

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2/10.   That's Gonna Hurt
That one time it wasn't part of the creative direction for the model to have lashes, so she took it upon herself to apply them with weave glue in the bathroom. - C.

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3/10.   Move Drac, Get Out The Way
That time on Dracula a stunt guy didn't move in time and his face was flattened by the massive camera speeding down a zip wire. Messy messy messy. - R.

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4/10.   Room For One More
I still say my invitation to a sex cult by a friends dad is my best set story ever. - K.

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5/10.  Anyone Have A Dustbuster?
If we are talking nasty, let's talk about when on LFW, yes London Fashion Week, a highly paid model expects me to have a razor in my make up kit to shave her legs. One of the runners eventually manages to buy one and she dry shaves while I do her make up, hitting the razor on MY table to get rid of the hair trapped in the blades. I throw up in my mouth every time I think of it!!! - A.

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6/10.   Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time
Talent liked to drink. Talent liked to smash bottles when drunk. Talent cut temple on the second to last day of OVERNIGHT shooting due to a late night of bottle smashing. Talent bled profusely due to high alcohol content in blood. Talent had to go to urgent care. Talent + everyone else pissed and in bad mood. Fun times. - M.

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7/10.   You Buggin'
'Producer' adds an unnecessary sex scene to #extremelylowbudgetmovie, and the young lady says, "I have a few stretch marks, can you put makeup on my body, seeing as I'll be naked?" I tell her, "Sure, but you know you can cheat the camera..." They were shooting with handhelds, nothing mounted. No pun intended. She takes off her clothes and she has bug bite SCABS everywhere.....everywhere. I'm trying to find the stretch marks, but all I see is SCABS. I'm heaving, staring, smiling and working as fast as I can. The "production team" is saying how fine she is....@#$%$@#%$##@@ what? I threw all my brushes away, I don't double dip, but I tossed the cosmetics too. - V.

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8/10.   Wetness Is The Essence of Beauty
Worked on a commercial last month where we shot on a boat. It wasn't until we were ON board that they mentioned all five actors were going to be jumping in the water and would need to be reset....four times! I tried to explain this would be physically impossible, and they agree to only reset the hero. On our third reset they told me I had 8 minutes to take her from sopping wet to camera ready. I was sweating I was so stressed, got her up and out of my chair in a little more than 10....only to have them say they changed the scene and she needed to jump right back in the water. I was livid. - E.

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9/10.   The Green Machine
I was assisting on a gig where there were still photos of scenes. In the first scene, the woman wakes up to see her husband stealing her food from the fridge. Client would like said woman to have rollers and a mint green face mask. Long story short, none of the rollers we had were sufficient, so fast forward to an hour later driving/walking around Williamsburg looking for the "perfect rollers" when I get a call saying they hate the mask option we had too, so run back, give them the rollers, leave, go to 2 more stores in search of masks, no one has a mint mask, finally find one at a CVS and buy it. Run back. Spend the next hour and a half being summoned as "spritzer girl!" to spray and reset the cracking dried mask every 5 minutes (and being chuckled at by everyone else on set except the woman in the mask and curlers). And this was my first day on a real commercial set. Let's just say I was significantly less green after two days of that shoot. - A.

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10/10.   Timber!
Nothing tops sitting in my set chair, hearing the fabric rip and trying to disengage my fat ass from the middle of it! The crew was on the floor! - S.

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