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You get what you pay for...

You get what you pay for...

As artists, you of all should know that a client will get what they pay for. And when a prospective client approaches you and has the inevitable, "well so and so down the street said she would do my entire wedding party for eleven dollars..." discussion with you, you're prepared with the perfect rebuttal. You are going to educate the prospective client on all the finer points of why your superior service is worth the higher cost on their most special day.

So that is what I need to do with you today. You, the prospective client, have a lot of choices to make when you shop. When you do choose to shop with Frends Beauty (and thank you very much, by the way) of the more important choices that you need to make before you submit your order, is how you will receive it. In response to customers desires, we recently rolled out new, less expensive or free shipping options via USPS.

For years, we've relied on FedEx almost exclusively to be our shipper of choice. Their service has been excellent, packages arrive before or on time, in perfect shape nearly always. In the rare event there was a problem, it was always taken care of. FedEx, however, is a bit more pricey than USPS. But we felt that even though our competition offered cheaper shipping options, our customers came to rely on and appreciate the stellar service that we could offer through FedEx.

But enough people asked for it, and we were happy to oblige. So beginning a month or so ago, we began offering less expensive USPS First Class and Priority shipping. Additionally, for our customers in the contiguous 48 states ordering $100 or more worth of products not containing anything hazardous...we began offering a free ground shipping option.

The order process is rather simple. From the moment you submit and we receive the order, our awesome and hard working shipping department has it packaged and out of our doors no later than one business day afterwards. We are usually able to get orders out the same day, in fact. From there once they leave our facility, it is up to the shipping option that you choose to get your products to you.

Here is where the challenge lies. USPS Priority 1, 2, or 3 day shipping for example...does not mean you will have your products in 1, 2, or 3 days. And I have no clue why. Shipping times are NOT guaranteed. In fact, we had one customer in San Diego, about a two hour drive south of our store, receive her products eight days after we shipped them. It is slightly less expensive for sure...but the level of service is markedly inferior.

So here is how I tell it -- if you have a job that you NEED your products for, INVEST the extra few dollars into FedEx. By doing so, you are severely increasing the chances of getting the products on time. We understand how it is. You book a job that is coming up in a few days, and you place your order last minute. Please do not use the cheap option. Frends Beauty WILL absolutely get your order out expeditiously. However, once it is out of our hands we have no control over it. If you just see something you love, and you want it...and it doesn't matter really, when you get it. Use the cheap shipping option.

Either way we are here to help you out, I just really want you to understand how shipping works to make sure you make the right choice! Thanks all!

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