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Why You Should Use a Finishing Powder

Why You Should Use a Finishing Powder

Okay ladies, it’s time to admit the truth. You, like every other woman who cares about her face, are not happy with certain aspects of your complexion. Those dark circles around your eyes come to mind, as well as those subtle, and not so subtle, pigment differences. And if you are, well, a bit more mature in years, these issues will do nothing but get more pronounced over time. The good news is that you don’t need to simply whine and moan to your mirror, under the mistaken impression that there is nothing you can do to minimize these issues. There is a solution: finishing powder!


Contrary to what you have been telling yourself all these years, finishing powder is not just a ploy by the makeup industry to get you to spend more money on yet another product. In fact, it is the icing on the cake, the final touch that you can apply after you go through the trouble of putting on all that foundation, blush and concealer. Once you do, it can give your face a certain indefinable glow that can take you through any long day, whether it’s on the set or at the office.

What is it exactly about powder that makes it indispensable? First of all, it gives you that subtle glimmer, while keeping you from “glowing” in a greasy or oily way. Second, powder sets your liquid or cream foundation in place, keeping it from settling into lines or slipping down your face. Next, it helps to conceal large pores or facial lines. Finally, even though its name implies that you only put it on at the very end of your makeup routine, you can use finishing powder as a base on which to apply bronzer, blush, shimmer or contour, since it helps them all to last longer.

Recently, finishing powders have gotten a lot of buzz thanks to the help of super-celebrity Kim Kardashian, who made Ben Nye’s Banana Powder nearly a household word. Unlike many finishing powders which are white, this banana powder actually has a yellow tint, leading many women with fairer skin to wonder if it would leave them washed-out or pasty-looking. As is the case with any premium finishing powder we sell, Ben Nye’s Banana Powder does nothing of the sort. In fact, it adds that professional glow that every beauty-conscious woman seeks.

So whether you’re a Kardashian or a stay-at-home mom, a beauty queen or just the queen of your own domestic domain, finishing powder can give you the look you want. What’s more, if you are a professional makeup artist, it should be an indispensable tool in your aesthetic arsenal. No matter who you are, it will help you to conceal what you don’t want the world to see, while showing off that special glow that is all your own!

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