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When Size Matters: Travel Size Beauty Products

When Size Matters: Travel Size Beauty Products

How do you possibly fit your whole beauty routine into a freaking Ziploc?!?!? Let’s be real we did NOT wake up like this, unfortunately...but I’m here to help! I’m fortunate to travel quite a bit, for both work and pleasure and being the beauty addict I am, I’ve mastered the art of knowing what to bring and what to leave behind. Soon I will be spending two weeks in Thailand, and all I have with me is a backpack...CRAZY! This means minimal products, to say the least.


Let’s start with skin, perhaps the most important part of your beauty routine. Leave behind the makeup remover, face wash and toner. Your skin will survive a couple days or weeks without those three. What you’ll want to bring instead is makeup removing wipes, my personal favorite are the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Wipes. They are gentle and remove everything! To save some cash try the Comodynes Oats. Second thing you’ll want for your skin is a moisturizer you can use both day and night, so nothing too heavy or with SPF (you don’t want to use SPF at night). My ABSOLUTE must have travel moisturizer is Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate. It’s lightweight but very hydrating, good for sensitive skin AND it comes in a travel size.


Moving on to the fun stuff...your makeup. For glam queens this can be the stressful part. Here’s what I always bring and my makeup comes out pretty damn great every trip! Foundation, we gotta’ have it…Jouer Moisture Tints with SPF are my go to. It comes in both a luminzing version and a matte one depending on where you're headed. Hawaii? Go for luminizing. Europe? Matte and dramatic all day. They are flat, compact and have great coverage. Now, here’s the holy grail you need, Lorac Pro To Go Palette. Trust me when I say it has EVERYTHING you need in a tiny little box.


One side has all your shadows from day to night, two shell-based colors (matte and pearl), a matte warm taupe, a pearl bronze, a dark cool brown shimmer, and a matte black. Flip it over and you’ve got a matte bronzer, a matte pinky blush, and a pearl peach blush! How could that go wrong? Throw in your favorite versatile lipstick, a mascara, brow pencil, maybe a travel brush set...if you really plan on slaying it, possibly a gel eyeliner? From skincare to a full face that’s less than 10 items! Of course you’ll want to keep your precious powders safe so get rid of that Ziploc and try the Stilazzi makeup pouches. I don’t travel without them, perfect for your carry on because of the clear top and they are easy to clean!


When worst comes to worst, buy something during your travels! I’ve found some of my favorite products while in a pinch when traveling. I’ll be posting about my time in Thailand and be sure to look for my blog in a couple weeks about Beauty Tips For Hot & Humid Weather



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