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What Every Makeup Artist Needs to Know About Setting a Look

What Every Makeup Artist Needs to Know About Setting a Look

Every one of us, at some point, has created a makeup look that we love, only to see it start to fall apart after a few hours. While there are plenty of tips out there on how you can create gorgeous looks, there aren't enough tips about how you can make those looks last.

There's no point in creating a flawless face for a client if it's not going to hold up. If you want to ensure that their makeup stays in place all night long, then keep reading for our tips about how to set a look.

A Well-Set Look Starts With A Good Base

The truth of the matter is that the first step to a well-set look is by starting your look off right. Think of it this way: You'd never bother putting a layer of paint on the exterior of a house if you knew that the foundation was shoddy, on the cusp of collapsing.

If you want to make a full face of makeup stay in place for a prolonged period of time, then starting with a great primer is essential. Yes, it's true that you can skip primer if you're doing a quick five minute face. However, if you want a lot of products to stay in place, primer is non-negotiable.

We'll forever be fans of the NYX High Definition Primer. We prefer to apply primer with a brush rather than with our fingers, as it allows the product to spread evenly and really disappear into the skin.

Make Good Makeup Choices

We're huge fans of those aforementioned five minute faces. We love beautiful looks created from BB creams and cream blushes. However, these looks, while gorgeous, aren't necessarily great when it comes to longevity. Anyone who's ever done a dewy, all cream beach look knows that touch-ups throughout the day are basically a requirement.

When it comes to creating a look that lasts, ditch products meant to give you or your clients a dewy or translucent finish. For example, we're addicted to adding a drop of face oil to our foundation when we want to look dewy, but it can cause our foundation to move around as the night progresses.

Instead, use full coverage, matte products. When it comes to creating a look that lasts, we also prefer using a brush over a sponge, which is great for giving a really full coverage finish that stays in place.

Be Creative With Powder

One of our customers recently dished on her favorite trick to keep her foundation in place on her oily nose. "Before I apply foundation, I dust a light layer of powder on my nose first. My nose used to be a mess at the end of the night, but now my foundation and contour products stay exactly where I want them to. It's amazing!"

If you love Instagram makeup videos as much as we do, then you've probably seen tons of gurus using RCMA Powder in creative ways. The most popular use of the RCMA Powder is “baking,” which entails applying a thick layer of the powder under the eyes or anywhere you want to highlight with a Beauty Blender. After about 20 minutes - this is a great time to do your eyes and lips - dust the excess powder away with a big fluffy brush. The results are really beautiful.

Even if you bake, it's still a good idea to finish by dusting your entire face with a light application of a loose powder in your skin tone.

Use A Finishing Spray

Even if you've applied powder, a finishing spray is the best way to really ensure that everything stays in place. Think of it as hairspray for the face. You might have used really great products while you styled your hair, but hairspray gives you that little bit of extra insurance that everything will stay in place. (It's not that crazy of an analogy, actually. There used to be an old beauty secret about spraying your face with AquaNet. Thankfully, we now have finishing sprays, which are a lot friendlier to the skin.)

Our favorite finishing spray is the Ben Nye Finishing Seal. It's specifically designed for stage and film actors, who need their makeup to survive through sweat and bright lights. Hold the bottle about six inches from the face and move your hand as you spritz to ensure that the product applies evenly. Be careful to tell your clients to wait a bit before touching their face after you spray, as their skin will be a bit tacky for a few minutes as the finishing spray dries down.

Touch Up Delicately

Even really well-sealed makeup looks might require a little touchup. However, it's important that you use a light hand when you're touching up the face. Patting on too much pressed powder can end up giving that undesired mannequin look. This is why we're big fans of blotting sheets. They allow us to gently dab away excess oil or shine, without damaging our overall makeup look.

If you can't resist using a little bit of pressed powder, we suggest a very finely milled translucent formula. This will give you a little touchup of shine control without making the look appear "cake-y" or overdone.

What are your favorite tips for keeping your makeup in place? Share them with us in the comments. As always, we invite you to join Frends Beauty today. Not only will you save 10% off your first purchase, but you'll be kept in the loop on all of our newest sales and releases. We also ask you to like us on Facebook, where we keep you updated on all of our latest blog posts and favorite makeup tips.

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