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Upping Your Lipstick Game with a Lip Top Coat

Upping Your Lipstick Game with a Lip Top Coat

It seems like matte liquid lipsticks have been dominating the makeup world. Indeed, this seems to be one of the longest lasting trends in the makeup world. While we adore the look of a bold matte lip, we have to admit, we're ready to mix things up.

That's why we're so excited about lip toppers, particularly the ones from Jouer Cosmetics. Lip toppers are slightly different from lip glosses. While lip glosses just add a glossy, wet shine, lip toppers provide a metallic finish that's shimmery without being overly wet.

If you want to rock this shimmery, eye-catching look the right way, then follow our simple tutorial on how to get bombshell lips, using the Jouer Lip Topper in Skinny Dip.

Step One: Prep the Lips

Anytime you're going to be using more than one lip product, it's crucial that you prep the lips. If your lips are feeling a bit flaky, then exfoliate them with a pinch of sugar and olive oil, which is our favorite DIY beauty tip. If your pout is still feeling a bit dry, slather on an ultra-moisturizing lip balm.

While lip balm is perfect for hydrating, it doesn't do anything to keep lipstick in place. In fact, it can actually cause lipstick to slide around. Avoid this by using a good lip primer.

Step Two: Line and Color

Lip topper doesn't replace color, but rather enhances it. We think that Skinny Dip looks best over a pinkish nude. Our favorite color base for this product begins with lining the lips with the NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Pink. Next, we fill in the lip by applying the Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lip Color in Medium Peach.

If your lip look isn't perfect, use our favorite trick for getting a flawless outline. Using a concealer brush trace the outline of your lips with a bit of concealer or foundation. It'll erase any mistakes you made while lining your lips and give you an Instagram-worthy pout.

Step Three: Apply Your Lip Topper

Take your Skinny Dip and apply it to your lips. If you want a shimmery look that could stop traffic, apply to the whole lip. If you want a more subtle look that's appropriate for daytime wear, apply only to the center of the top and bottom lips, blending out any lines with your fingertip.

You'll find that the Jouer Lip Toppers will give you a gorgeous shine, but they're not as obvious as lip gloss and definitely not as sticky. These amazing products are basically lip gloss all grown up.

Have you tried any lip finishing products outside of traditional glosses? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023

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