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Top Makeup Brands Used on the Red Carpet

Top Makeup Brands Used on the Red Carpet

Those of us here at Frends Beauty consider award show season to be our personal Super Bowl. After all, this is the time of year when we get to see the very best in hair and makeup on the red carpet, the looks that will set the trend for the rest of 2016.


When it comes to red carpet beauty, there are some brands that are a little more popular than others. Fortunately, many of them are available right here on Frends Beauty. Here are some of the top makeup brands used on the red carpet.

senna 2
Senna Cosmetics
There's a good reason why Senna Cosmetics is so popular amongst Hollywood makeup artists. Senna makeup products were created by Eugenia Weston, an Emmy nominated makeup artist. Weston's goal with the Senna line was to give the average woman access to the same quality of cosmetics used by their favorite Hollywood stars. Since 1976, this iconic brand has been helping women to duplicate their favorite red carpet looks.

Get The Look: The Senna Brow Book Palette is literally the only brow palette that you'll ever need. It features multiple hues and a pomade, ensuring that everyone can blend the colors they need to find their perfect brow shade and keep everything in place. Whether you're a professional makeup artist or someone just looking for some seriously on point brows, this palette has you covered.

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Ben Nye Makeup
Ben Nye is the gold standard in stage makeup for some of New York's top Broadway performers and productions. While this brand is immensely popular amongst stage performers, it's also a favorite of the Hollywood film and television industry. Designed to give a strong, long-lasting and full-coverage finish, the foundations, powders and blushes in the Ben Nye line will literally last until you remove them.

Get The Look: Everyone raves about the Banana Powder for erasing darkness and brightening up the under-eye area. However, don't forget about the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Cameo for a perfect all-over finish. This powder is an industry trade secret for ensuring that foundation and concealer stay in place when an actress is on the red carpet.

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Amazing Cosmetics
Although this brand has been around since 1999, it's only recently begun to gain immense popularity. This is thanks to the brand's signature Amazing Concealer, which could very well be the first and last concealer that you'll ever need. Not only does it completely erase blemishes and redness, but it covers up dark under-eye circles with only a little bit of product needed.

Get The Look: If you want to completely say "bye-bye" to under-eye darkness forever, blend a bit of the Amazing Concealer under your eyes, smoothing it out with a Beauty Blender. Finish with a light dusting of the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana. You'll appear as if you've just gotten a solid forty hours of sleep.

glamglow logo 2
The foundation of any great makeup is good skin care. GlamGlow is quickly becoming one of the top picks for makeup artists who need to get a client's skin into good shape quickly. Their intense masks are as efficient as a 90-minute facial in getting the skin into great shape and ready for a makeup application.

Get The Look: Use a GlamGlow treatment for a quick fix to any skin issue before you apply your makeup for a big event. The SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment is perfect for banishing blemishes without drying the skin out, while the THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment will give parched skin the hydration it so desperately needs before a makeup application.

duwop logo wtag1 2
This little cult favorite brand is the ultimate secret for pouty, Kylie Jenner-inspired lips. Makeup artists adore the Lip Venom collection, as it's one of the few lip plumping products that actually delivers on its promises to make the lips appear more pouty and plumper within seconds of application.

Get The Look: For a red carpet-worthy lip product, start with the Reverse Lipliner. Unlike a traditional liner that applies color to the edges of the lips, this liner prevents lip product from traveling or bleeding by creating an invisible line just outside of the lip line. Finish off with a swipe of the Venom Gloss to add plumpness and shine.

sarahapp 2
Sarah Happ
If a client sits down in a makeup artist's chair with dry, flaky and chapped lips, a simple swipe of lip balm won't fix the problem fast enough to ensure that lipstick or stain can be applied smoothly. This is why the Sarah Happ lip scrub is such an industry favorite. It can take rough lips and turn them smooth and supple after one quick scrub. It's a favorite of Cindy Miguens, a top Hollywood makeup artist best known for her work on Pretty Little Liars.

Get The Look: With the Sarah Happ Lip Scrub in your arsenal, you can be sure that your lips are always red carpet-ready. Scrub a pinch over dry lips for one to two minutes and then remove with a tissue. For best results, finish up with the Lip Slip, which is designed to lock moisture in place before lipstick application.

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Velour Lashes
Here's a little red carpet secret: Just about every star you see on the red carpet is wearing some sort of falsies. Even Elizabeth Taylor, famous for her double set of natural lashes, would wear a short strip of faux lashes on the outer corners of her eyes to increase her signature "cat eye" look. Velour Lashes is the industry gold standard in Hollywood. Their mink lashes manage to look both dramatic yet natural, giving you the illusion of being born with naturally stunning lashes.

Get The Look: Whether you're headed to a New Year's Eve bash or planning on walking a red carpet, the Are Those Real? mink lashes will be the perfect finishing touch to any dramatic eye makeup look.

Here at Frends Beauty, we think that every woman should have the products she needs to replicate the iconic makeup looks that she sees on the red carpet. Become a member today to stay posted about all of our new additions and sales. As a bonus, you'll receive 10% off of your first order.

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