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Tips to Keep Your Makeup Fresh With The Seasons

Tips to Keep Your Makeup Fresh With The Seasons

You may have heard old beauty wisdom about being a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. For a long time, this concept is how women determined what makeup colors and styles they would choose in accordance with things like their hair color, eye color and skin tone. In the world of modern beauty, the idea of keeping your makeup fresh with the passing seasons rather than relegating yourself to a specific color and style all year long is now consistently on trend. If you've been finding yourself wondering what colors pair with what seasons and how to update your makeup regimen throughout the year, read on to learn more. 

It's not hard to imagine spring colors when you close your eyes. Soft pastels and natural hues take center stage in that landscape, with hardy flowers blooming through the season's last snowfalls and reminding the world that winter is finally over. So, how does this translate to your train case?


Updating your routine for spring is all about choosing products that are light, dewy and soft, allowing your natural radiance to play a part in bringing your look together. Viseart Blush in Blush Melba creates an ideal foundation for your spring look by creating a buildable layer of pale pink pigment that does not overwhelm the face with color. Instead, it highlights natural features like your cheekbones and jawline while still allowing eyes and lips to take on other delicate hues without looking overdone. 

For the eyes and lips, we recommend softened hues that play to the season- muted fawn, lavender, champagne gold, and, of course, light pinks. Save your hot pinks and fuschia for summer and stick with shades that remind you of flowers like hyacinths and tulips. 

When it comes to your face, keep in mind that spring is when temperatures start to rise, so look for a full coverage foundation that is still lightweight. 

Who doesn't love the summer months? Whether you're lounging poolside and sipping one of those refreshing ocean water cocktails or enjoying late night parties and bonfires with friends, summer is a time to look your best. Updating your makeup look for the season is a lot of fun, because summer is when all those trendy, fun, bright shades should come out to play. 

When it comes to creating dreamy summer eyes adorned in bright, attention-catching hues, check out Lorac Cosmetics' Alter Ego Palette in Dream Girl. With five gorgeous shades ranging from neutral to bright and sassy, this easy to transport palette offers the potential for so many great seasonal looks. 

Don't stop with your eyes, though. Summer is the ideal time to work bronzer into your routine, even if you're someone who just can't seem to lock down that perfect tan. If you want to be left glowing, try Lorac's Tantalizer Baked Bronzer applied in thin, buildable layers with your kabuki brush until you achieve the perfect level for your skin tone (hint: less is more, so stop when you hit it).

It's important to note that as much as we all enjoy the sun, it's important to choose foundation or tinted moisturizer that contains an appropriate SPF level to protect your delicate facial skin from destructive sun damage and sunburn.

There's something so magical about autumn. The season itself produces so many incredible natural hues in rainbows of burgundy, burnished orange, deep yellow and dark green. As summer cools off and winds down, we find ourselves craving hot cider, cozy scarves and crisp, clean, classy looks using colors that complement the season's natural hues.

Autumn eyes are easy to pull off, because there are color combinations that work for every eye and hair color. Neutral browns and peaches combined with pale gold highlights can be used to pull off an incredible cut crease look that will always turn heads. For a bolder look, search out a velvety matte shadow in a deep burgundy which can pair surprisingly well with most eye shades. The Gorgeous Cosmetics 8 Pan - Everyday Beauty Palette offers 8 fantastic shades that are perfect examples of autumn neutral still offering pops of cheerful, fun color.

Winter is such a busy time for many people that they fail to think about updating their makeup routine to reflect the changing season. While this is understandable, winter is one of the most fun beauty seasons due to the inclusion of tempered reds, shiny silver and golds, and even icy blue hues. There are some surprisingly dynamic color combinations to be found in the makeup styles that pair with the coldest months of the year.

One of the things keeping you busy during the winter months is no doubt a variety of holiday parties and events. These soirees are the perfect time to break out your dense and shimmery gold and silver shadows paired with matte black to create unforgettable metallic smoky eye looks. Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Comex Platinum, which features a chrome silver sheen is a perfect choice for a show-stopping winter eye. 

Winter is also one of few seasons where blues, when used appropriately, can create gorgeous looks that play off the natural beauty of ice and snow. The Viseart Eyeshadow Palette in 07 Matte Cool features 12 incredible shades in greys, muted blues and muted purples that can be used to create a number of stunning looks.

Because the winter months are cold and harsh, wind can cause skin damage. Part of achieving a great look during these months comes when taking your makeup off. Use a gentle, non-soap based cleanser to take off your makeup before you go to bed at night and follow it with a pore-friendly moisturizer containing rich shea butter. Following these steps will allow you to avoid the redness, blotchy appearance and dry skin that many people struggle with during the coldest time of the year.

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